Rossputin: Bill Ritter’s Transparent Try to Set Stage for Another Tax Hike

When I recently pointed out Governor Bill Ritter’s public proclamation in favor of transparency, this wasn’t the kind of transparency I was talking about. Rossputin explains:

There’s a reason that the first thing Ritter is proposing to do is cut education and prison funding, and “temporarily” suspend the homestead exemption which lowers property tax for many senior citizens, and it’s the oldest liberal trick in the book: He’s setting the stage for a tax increase proposal “for the children” and with the specter of violent felons roaming the streets unless we go along.

Well, it’s time to just say no to more liberal government expansion.

Yes, Bill Ritter’s announcement should make it rather transparent that he and the Democrats are setting the stage for a tax hike. The question is: What’s the over/under on how many days before the tax hike proposal is officially made?

If they want to show themselves serious, Republicans here have an opportunity to introduce an alternative realistic budget proposal without the inherent scare tactics. And as Rossputin calls us to do, responsible citizens need to stand up and say “enough” to the ploys to expand government.

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