Rolling the Obama Care “Public Option” Uphill Becoming a Harder Job

Love how the Denver Post lends a hand to Barack Obama and appointed Senator Michael Bennet in the health care debate:

He acknowledged that the ire in town halls — in Colorado, and across the country — was mostly about fear of changing a system that hasn’t worked for years. [emphasis added]

Not “changing a system that he said hasn’t worked for years,” mind you. A stated opinion given cover with a straight news declaration of fact. Sigh. I’ll even give them the benefit of the doubt and suspect that the phrasing was an unintentional slip that reflects the newsroom’s own uninformed bias rather than some malicious attempt at partisan hackery.

I know of many personal friends and acquaintances who could tell stories — some of them rather compelling — that would cast doubt on the suggestion that the system “hasn’t worked for years.” But the plural of anecdote isn’t data. Time perhaps to check and see why 54 percent of Americans say no healthcare reform beats Obama Care and increased government intervention in the healthcare system (the public opposes the plan by a 53-42 margin).

Of course, the system is better than commonly portrayed — and the American people aren’t buying the lie. Are some changes needed? Yes, but not to the extent, and not in the direction, proposed.

So many good pieces are being produced during the course of the ongoing health reform debate, here are a few of the latest I recommend for your enlightenment:

As Hot Air’s Ed Morrissey reports, Democrats are backtracking on the “public option”. Even the media can’t roll the leaden monstrosity of Obama Care uphill anymore. Still, the next Democrat gambit may be to push a more subtle advance toward government health care or, as Morrissey suggests, slip it back in quietly during a conference committee.

His advice and mine? “This is no time to get complacent.”

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