RMA Blog Talk Radio Tonight at 8:30: Filmmaker Evan-Coyne Maloney, Nadeem Esmail on Health Care

Gloomy about the Obama administration’s intervention halting economic recovery and pushing the markets down so we can party like it’s 1997?

Then I have just the cure. Tune in starting at 8:30 PM local Mountain Time this evening for the 15th edition of Rocky Mountain Alliance Blog Talk Radio, with two very interesting guests. First is Evan Coyne-Maloney, creator of the film Indoctrinate U, which exposes and challenges political correctness run amok on our nation’s college campuses. His on-air discuss with the RMA crew comes two days before the movie’s showing at Liberty on Film Thursday evening in Denver’s LoDo.

With proposals to further socialize health care looming at the State Capitol, the second guest is the Fraser Institute’s Nadeem Esmail to talk about the dangers of single-payer health care. Esmail is a Canadian who has seen the shortcomings of that country’s system up close and personal, with warnings for us, his neighbors to the south. For more valuable reading on the topic, check out Dr. Paul Hsieh’s new D.C. Examiner column on sensible free-market health care reform alternatives, or the Independence Institute‘s Patient Power blog.

Don’t forget. If you miss the live broadcast of tonight’s show, you can go back and download the podcast, or just use the handy widget on my sidebar to listen directly from Mount Virtus.

Over at Slapstick Politics, El Presidente has more detail on past episodes and a video preview of Indoctrinate U.

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