Rasmussen: Marco Rubio More Electable than Charlie Crist in Florida

Red State’s Dan McLaughlin reports interesting news from my second favorite 2010 Senate race: A new Rasmussen poll shows limited government conservative Marco Rubio faring slightly better (46-31) in the general election matchup against leading Democrat Kendrick Meeks than sitting governor Charlie Crist fares (46-34).

Incidentally, Crist’s projected lead is dwindling while Rubio’s projected lead is growing. It’s exciting to see so much momentum behind the Marco Rubio campaign. And as McLaughlin points out, the case for Crist’s nomination pretty much is evaporating right before our eyes:

The Crist campaign is all about a balancing act between two disparate narratives: an air of inevitability in the primary and sufficient desperation about electability in the general to get Republicans to turn away from voting for the better man. Neither of those arguments looks good right now. Sorry, Charlie.

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