Rasmussen: GOP Congress Out of Touch, Democrats Even Less Trusted

I’ve spent the past several days trying to reach a coherent synthesis from these two poll results taken by Rasmussen:

So what should Republican politicians and candidates learn from these results? I mean, besides the fact that it’s hard to make too much sense out of what a wide sample of voters are thinking. Rather than come up with a cogent analysis, I decided to throw out some quick hits:

– Incumbents beware. Take nothing for granted.
– Stand unabashedly against selling out American interests on the international stage.
– Repeat the cry against spending our children into oceans of debt.
– Explain the tough decisions that need to be made on discretionary spending.
– Draw a line in the sand against raising taxes.
– Speak optimistically about the value of limited government.
– Promote life without crushing liberty.
– Go beyond defending the health care status quo. Offer smart and simple market solutions.
– Police the ethical problems within the party quickly, honestly and effectively.
– Do more than just talk about a genuine transparency reform agenda.
– Acknowledge frequently your role as servants of the people.
– Embody personal accountability. Remember who elected you.

Just a few random thoughts. Oh, and how many people expected the Democrats to wear out their welcome quite so soon?


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    Good points. Politically speaking, Republicans need to scare voters into defeating the Democrats who are spending us into bankruptcy. So far, the Democrats are winning by buying votes with their over spending. The question is, how do Republicans make the risk of economic disaster than the lure of new government subsidies and freebies? It’s a hard sale that I don’t see Republicans making very well, yet.

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