Posting “a think on Cleve Tidwell”

So yesterday I receive this verbatim email message from a mysterious “Victorila Rasheem” (all errors of spelling and syntax preserved):

I think taht your website should do a think on Cleve Tidwell. Most say that he has the support of most if not all of the major donors in the state. Also much of the grassroots is excited for him and is backing him to be the senator for colorado. I do not know if Dick Wadhams found him or not but if he did it was a good find because he is a good candidaet and wiill win. He is a very good speaker and will be at most events when he is senator because he will represent people in Colorado. Also, he has not spoken with the press so whatever you might hear if anything is probably just their way of trying to create a story or gossip. He has wonderful friends in the news media and when the time is right he will discuss with them. He is a very busy man but he will get the job done because that is his way.

The source of the email message was “” — a real random coincidence if ever there was one. Read the message carefully, and you’ll understand how bizarre and far-fetched and meaningless are the claims contained therein.

Guess I just should be thankful that it wasn’t an email from Mr. Tidwell’s Nigerian benefactor asking for a $1,000 campaign contribution to be delivered to a foreign post office box. But following on the heels of another Colorado blogger’s experience with spam from Cleve Tidwell supporters, I shouldn’t be too surprised by the development.

If the true origin of this message was from a Tidwell supporter, all I can say is thank you for attempting to insult my intelligence. I briefly met Mr. Tidwell in person once and heard him testify twice at the state legislature, and such tactics doubtless are not helping his cause. Perhaps he might even publicly disavow them.

To me, except for the mystery of who could possibly have such a motive, it makes more sense that this email is part of a scheme by someone trying to undermine Mr. Tidwell’s nascent quasi-candidacy. Because it’s closer to the actual effect.

The main reason I’m posting this for public eyes to see is in hopes of tracking down other messages from “”, and hopefully put the silly mystery to rest before I pursue writing anything more about Cleve Tidwell here. If you too have been contacted by this shadowy Gmail account, please feel free to post a comment or drop a line.


  1. says

    Received the same email, from the same email address on April 7.

    Followed by this:

    Victorila Rasheem

    dateTue, Apr 7, 2009 at 8:20 PM
    subjectWhy would you not respond?

    hide details Apr 7 (12 days ago) Reply

    Why would you not respond? It is because you want more liberals in the repubican party so that we can keep losing elecitons?Look at John Mccain and where he got us, because that is where we will go if we do not have someone with conservative calues and international business executive experience and only Cleve Tidwell has that. Who else might have it? Not Ryan Frazier, that is for sure.

  2. Team Tidwell says

    As someone who has been working closely with Cleve Tidwell on his potential bid for U.S. Senate, I can assure you that this message did not come from anyone associated with the campaign.

    On a related note, the grassroots support for Cleve that can be found on other blog sites is real. There are many new faces in politics that want to get the word out about their guy. It has been our experience in dealing with Rocky Mountain Right, as well as watching Rocky Mountain Right and their dealings with – or refusal to deal with and negative rebuking of- other candidates, that any grassroots support for a candidate that does not “appear” to be the front-runner will be written off as spam by the blog administrator.

    The nature of grassroots is that the central command does not control or direct the enthusiasm of those supporters. The proof of grassroots support is evident in the continued positive blogging for Cleve; it continues because people are excited, not because it is coordinated.

    Regards to Ben DeGrow for the excellent blog you continue to produce.

    -Team Tidwell

  3. TheSwerve says

    Now Victoria said something really funny. “Also, he has not spoken with the press so whatever you might hear if anything is probably just their way of trying to create a story or gossip.” Obviously Victoria isn’t working close with Mr. Tidwell, because he has spoken to 5280, and another publication, which I don’t remember off the top of my head.

    Now as for the Rocky Mountain Right. Your team had an issue with one person spamming a poll for Tidwell, and you assumed that Cleve told the person to do it. Afterwards, you have treated Cleve like he’s some Harry Potter villain by saying “The Candidate who must shall not be named” on the Gubernatorial straw poll. You also added the “Cleve Doctrine” on your rules about spammers. I would expect this type of treatment from CNN, but from a Conservative Blog?

    It seems Rocky Mountain Right has already decided that it’s going to support Ryan Frazier. This is not a bad thing; we all have the right to our opinion. If you noticed when Rocky Mountain Right brought up where certain Tea Parties where, they only mentioned where Ryan Frazier was speaking, and forgot to mention Ken Buck was speaking in Denver.

    I wonder how many staffers are gunning for jobs on Frazier’s Campaign when he gets money in?

  4. says

    Funny how the anonymous spam artist Victorila Rasheem found it handy to swipe the identical phrase from one of Cleve Tidwell’s Facebook notes:

    “Mr. Tidwell also wants to remind his friends and supporters that he has not spoken with the press so whatever you might hear if anything is probably just their way of trying to create a story or gossip. He has wonderful friends in the news media and when the time is right he will discuss with them.”

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