Popular Tea Party Trumps Dems, GOP

Check out Newsbusters’ coverage of the new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll (PDF). The Tea Party is “viewed quite a bit more favorably” than either the Democrats or the Republicans.

But of course, the Tea Party movement hasn’t had the opportunity and/or the reins of power to spend like drunken sailors and trample on the few precious liberties we still have in this nation. A reminder to Republicans in this ever-shifting political landscape: You have to court (not co-opt) the Tea Party crowd. Then success will follow.

Al Maurer also points out what the Tea Parties can do with their growing popularity.


  1. says

    Yes, and as we’ve discussed, all the the Colorado Republican candidates for governor and the Senate are courting the Tea Party folks. The establishment always has courted populists. That’s why the establishment is the establishment. Good post.

  2. Steve Lanz says

    Let’s Take Back Our Country

    The majority of the country, whether Republican, Democrat, or Independent, is feeling a real sense of frustration with our two national governing bodies, the Senate and the House of Representatives. Congress continually demonstrates that they care more about their special interests than they do about their constituents. Even though their approval rating is in the 20-30 percentiles they continue to enact legislation that is leading to the financial ruin of our country. They are able to stay in office because history has shown that the incumbent is reelected to office about 90% of the time. Being in office term after term enables them to form power cliques and to scratch each others backs and to disregard their constituents. Polls show that the country overwhelmingly supports term limits for these bodies but of course this will not happen since they make the laws.
    The time has come for change and we can make it happen together, regardless of party. The Tea Party popularity has shown that the people are tired of the status quo and want an infusion of new blood. Let’s return to government “by the people” not professional politicians.
    Let’s join together and take the “Tea for Two Pledge” in honor of the spirit of the tea party movement. That pledge is: I PLEDGE THAT I WILL NOT VOTE FOR THE RETURN TO THE SENATE OR THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVE ANY MEMBER WHO HAS ALREADY SERVED TWO TERMS IN EITHER BODY.
    We do have the ultimate power, the vote. Let’s use it together.

    Joe, Ann & Steve Lanz
    Nisswa, MN

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