Pat Waak on Vandalism: “I Never Said Which End of the Other Side It Was”

The morning of this week’s deplorable attack that shattered windows at the Democratic Party Headquarters in Denver, state Democratic chairwoman Pat Waak took advantage of the occasion to launch an outrageous broadside against Obama Care opponents:

“We ought to be having a serious, conscientious debate about what’s best for the country,” Waak said. “Clearly there’s been an effort on the other side to stir up hate. I think this is the consequence of it.”

Complete Colorado has posted audio from yesterday’s edition of Colorado’s Morning News on 850 KOA. Listen to the interviewers give Waak an opportunity to retract her remarks:

Here’s what Pat Waak said:

No, I think my original comment has been fairly consistent. This apparently was aimed at the health care reform posters that were in our windows. And, you know, I never said which end of the other side it was, but I think that it’s very clear that this was done by someone aimed at those health care posters and who disagrees with the health care reform debate that goes out there. And my particular comment was let’s have a civil discussion about health care reform. That’s what’s in the best interest of the people in this country. [emphasis added]

It all depends on what your definition of “the other side” is. Old-fashioned spin, plain and simple. Is a straightforward apology too much to ask, so we can move on?

El Presidente at the People’s Press Collective continues to provide the best ongoing coverage of the vandalism and the response. Some Blog Guy at Rocky Mountain Right also notes the Colorado GOP’s response to Pat Waak.

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