On Second Thought, I Guess the State Capitol Isn’t as Dangerous as All That

So I’ve heard the State Capitol has become a rough place these days (yes, Denver truly is the Wild West!), but I had no idea it had come to this, as disclosed in the Headline of the Week: “Brophy bill to protect homeowners killed in committee”.

My first thought was, How many homeowners have been killed in committee meetings lately? I especially have reason to be concerned, seeing as how I plan to be under the golden dome tomorrow to speak on a new media/blogger luncheon panel to the Senate GOP Caucus.

I will be joined by the famous Vodkapundit (aka Stephen Green), Zombyboy, Rossputin (aka Ross Kaminsky), Charles Martin, and Face The State editor Brad Jones. Frankly, I’m humbled to be with this group of accomplished bloggers / new media gurus, and hope to represent the Rocky Mountain Alliance and People’s Press Collective well.

Anyway, I digress. The headline of the week is really about state senator Greg Brophy’s failed legislative attempt to assert the ability of homeowners who defend their property against intruders. It’s sad – and altogether predictable – that the Democrats in charge at the statehouse would put the politically correct kibosh on another good idea (but after all, they’re awfully busy regulating canine sex and electronically carding felines).

One last interesting side note: Greg Brophy (of Taxasaurus fame) also recently won “quote of the day” for his remark about Governor Bill Ritter’s “new energy economy”.

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