NRSC Explains Norton Domain Registration, A Few Questions Remain

The National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) is distancing itself from rumors that the national group is planning to intervene in the Colorado U.S. Senate primary on behalf of Jane Norton, reports the Denver Post this afternoon (H/T People’s Press Collective):

“It shouldn’t surprise anyone that we purchase domain names of potential candidates to prevent them from falling into the hands of our Democrat opponents,” said Amber Wilkerson, spokeswoman for the NRSC.

She said if Norton decides to get into the race, she would need to purchase the sites from the NRSC and run her own website.

“To read anything further would be misleading and wrong,” Wilkerson said. “We already have two other great Republicans running for this seat in 2010, and we believe any of these potential candidates will unseat Michael Bennet next November.”

Okay, that’s a bit more reassuring. I still would like to see:

  • A list of other “potential candidates” in Colorado and elsewhere in the 2010 cycle for whom NRSC has purchased web domains
  • A definitive statement that NRSC has no plans to endorse anyone in Colorado’s primary

Stay tuned….


  1. Val says

    If NSRC already had “two other great Republicans” in the race, why did it have to buy Norton her websites? I am sick of the Colorado powers who try to manipulate our races.


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