Not Exactly the 1984 Detroit Tigers, But Well Ahead of the Cleveland Indians

It’s been a couple weeks since my last update on the baseball season for Civil Sense.

A great piece in yesterday’s Detroit News recounts the amazing feat of the 1984 Tigers’ 35-5 start. A quarter century later, this year’s Detroit squad is nowhere near the caliber of dominance of the franchise’s last world champions.

But the Tigers — winners of six straight — are like their 1984 predecessors in that they are in first place at the 40-game mark of the season. In this case, 8.5 games ahead of the Cleveland Indians.

Happy Friday!


  1. says

    At least the Tribe took two games in a row from the same team for the first time this season. We’re only a quarter of the way into the season, my friend…

  2. says

    You’re probably right about one thing: The Indians aren’t going to end up languishing with the low winning percentage they have now. They very well could fight back to finish around .500. Barring any serious injury problems for the Tigers, though, I think Cleveland will have a very hard time catching up. But it’s a long season …

  3. Steve Hackman says

    Good to see Verlander returning to form. Love watching that guy pitch!!

    Hard to believe its been 25 years since the ’84 Tigers. I remember that 35-5 streak like it was yesterday!

  4. says

    With Verlander back in form, the incredible addition of Edwin Jackson, the amazing development of Rick Porcello, and (maybe) Dontrelle Willis back into big league form … starting pitching could carry the Tigers a long way this year. And if Jeremy Bonderman is back to old form, the sky is the limit!

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