New Ryan Frazier Video Effectively Sells “A New Way Forward” Message

El Presidente has posted the slick new video from the Ryan Frazier for U.S. Senate campaign. Check it out. It’s really worth the 2+ minutes to view. Kudos both to the person(s) who recorded the raw video footage of Ryan’s speech and to the person(s) who edited it into a high-quality product.

It looks like “A New Way Forward” is going to be the theme for the Frazier campaign, and if continued to be presented as in this video, it will be effective. After all, who can deny that the Republican Party needs to forge a new way forward?

On a side note, this afternoon only 20 minutes after I received the Frazier campaign email announcing the release of the video I received a fundraising “personal message” from another Republican U.S. Senate candidate, Ken Buck.

Two different fundraising messages from two different Colorado Republican candidates for U.S. Senate in the span of 20 minutes. It’s what … 400-some odd days until the primary?

I’m just saying, the game has changed….

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