Mount Virtus Welcomes Guest-Blogger

After more than five years at Mount Virtus, I’ve finally grown secure enough to include the occasional postings of a guest-blogger on my site. I just wanted to give my regular readers the heads-up, and to let you know:

  • The guest-blogger’s first posting should occur very soon
  • The thoughts, opinions, and observations of the posts on this site belong to their respective authors
  • If unsure, you can find the identity of the author on the second line under the post heading where it says “Written by…”
  • I will let the new guest-blogger identify himself, and leave you in suspense until then

I believe we can only benefit by having more thoughtful conservative voices in the Colorado blogosphere. A new era begins?


  1. MIke Robinson says

    I would be honored to be considered as a guest blogger.

    Castle Rock Republican Examiner

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