More Reasons to Make Sure Senate Bill 180 Doesn’t Simply Stall, But Dies

It’s encouraging news that the Colorado state senate keeps putting off a vote on Senate Bill 180. The Democrats would seem not to have confidence in the votes to override local control, impose collective bargaining, raise the cost of government services, and threaten the rights of our state’s police officers and firefighters.

If you need more reason to understand why SB 180 is a bad idea, and why you should keep the pressure on and tell your state senator to vote against it, you should listen to this new iVoices podcast I recorded with Stan Greer from the National Institute of Labor Relations Research:

What might seem on the surface like a nice thing to do for our public safety employees is really bad public policy when you take a closer look. Special labor interests running amok at the State Capitol. Your tax dollars in play.

Forty-one days until the legislative session ends. It can’t come soon enough.

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