Marostica Resigns, Republicans Happy

The Denver Post reported yesterday that state representative Don Marostica, R-Loveland, resigned his seat to be appointed by Democrat Gov. Bill Ritter as the state’s economic development director:

Larry Carillo, chairman of the Larimer County Republican Party, said Marostica called him this morning to tell him he was resigning his seat.

“He was excited,” Carillo said. “He explained he thought it would be a good thing for economic development in Colorado and a good thing for the Republican Party.” [emphasis added]

A double-edged sword of a statement if ever there was one. And it’s definitely good for Bill Ritter, who can beef up his “bipartisan” bona fides without having to sacrifice any of his agenda or program.

Why make the switch, though? Maybe Marostica needed the money that comes with the state government job. Maybe he saw the handwriting on the wall that he was going to be defeated by a fiscally conservative challenger in the 2010 Republican primary. Maybe both.

In any case, a Republican lawmaker from a neighboring district was happy about the appointment:

The pick also was hailed by another Loveland Republican, Rep. B.J. Nikkel.

“Philosophically, we disagree, but I just think Don is extremely well-suited for this,” he said. “This job just suits his very nature. He is just so smart.” [emphasis added]

Of course, that’s a typo. B.J. Nikkel is a she, and one of the true stars of the Republican caucus in the state legislature.

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