Just What Did Colorado Ethics Watch Learn from Media Matters’ Demise?

Colorado Ethics Watch’s Chantell Taylor has filed an especially frivolous complaint, reports Face The State.

While a frustrating annoyance, it’s also a badge of honor for Fort Collins city council candidate Andrew Boucher, who is running a tireless and effective pro-liberty campaign.

The uncanny timing and sheer desperation of this complaint makes me wonder if Colorado Ethics Watch has been watching what happened to their state sister Media Matters (after all, they have the same rich Lefty sugar daddies as part of their common affiliation with the Colorado Democracy Alliance), and whether the group has observed the right lesson from its demise.

Does Ethics Watch believe that the plug was pulled on Media Matters because the phony watchdogs weren’t active enough, so Taylor felt impelled to do something to justify her organization’s existence? Or is the liberal “ethics” group trying to pick up the slack for the recently-departed Media Matters – which had become known as the butt of many jokes for its theater of the absurd?

Just curious….

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