Josh Penry Closes Out 2009 with Good News … and a Head Scratcher

As 2009 winds down, some half-good, half-headscratching Colorado political news reported by the Grand Junction Sentinel:

State Sen. Josh Penry, R-Grand Junction, said he isn’t interested in joining the ticket of his onetime rival, Scott McInnis, as the candidate for lieutenant governor.

“If I were hell-bent on being on the ticket, I’d still be in the race,” Penry said last week when asked about reports that he might be interested in the lieutenant governor slot.

Penry, however, didn’t tip his hand on a question that has five Republicans watching closely — his decision whether to run for a second term in the state Senate.

Another Josh (aka Sharf) explained the reasons why Penry as a lieutenant governor was not a good idea. Fortunately, someone was paying attention to the sage advice of Colorado’s senior conservative political blogger — or at least was on the same page to begin with. (Meanwhile, Rocky Mountain Right tails the story with further speculation about whom Scott McInnis might favor as a lieutenant governor candidate.)

But the headscratcher is why Josh Penry remains coy about a run for re-election to his District 7 state senate seat and a likely return to the GOP’s senate leadership beyond 2010. The tactic sure raises a lot of speculation among us political junkies bored by the slow news cycle.

If Josh Penry were ready to make what seems to be the no-brainer move and opt to run again in 2010, doesn’t it seem likely that he would have told us so already? Especially since Rep. Steve King and four potential GOP candidates for King’s seat are at least mildly interested in his decision.

Something to talk about heading into 2010….

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