Is Our Side Silly Enough to Make “Mark Udall Sits Silently…” Headlines?

Two days ’till Christmas — which apparently means it’s time to practice our jolly laughter. Huffington Post’s Sam Stein looks like he is auditioning to fill the local void left by the departure of Colorado Media Matters. What a doozy (H/T Complete Colorado):

Appearing at a recent coffee-shop event with Colorado voters, Norton sat silently while a female attendee declared twice that President Barack Obama is a Muslim and while a male attendee insisted that the president — who he deemed “an idiot” — wanted to let babies die on the side of the road “with the garbage.”

“Well as you can tell there is a lot of passion around what is happening in our own country,” Norton responded to the crowd, rather than correcting either individual. “And how we can channel that into positive constructive ways that will get our vote out it is going to be absolutely critical.”

Also at the event, Norton praised the “tea-party movement and the 9/12 groups” for pushing a right-wing populist, anti-Washington agenda….

Whoa. Scandalous… Not. Doesn’t the whole HuffPo piece remind you of CMM’s infamous “Talk show host allowed guest to say…” headlines filled with vastly more breathless prose than substance or logic?

The headline reads: “Jane Norton, GOP Candidate, Sits Silently as Obama Called a Muslim.” How dare she not excoriate a citizen who bothered to come hear her speak for insinuating that the President is an adherent of one of the world’s major religions! And how dare she not meticulously deconstruct the crudely articulated views of someone disgusted with Barack Obama’s pro-abortion voting record! How dare she try to channel their energies “into positive constructive ways”!

But perhaps if Jane Norton had closely studied Mark Udall’s approach during the 2008 statewide campaign when confronted by angry Lefties calling George Bush a Nazi and accusing him of killing babies:

“Now, first of all, I want to clear the air about something you mentioned in your comment,” Udall said. “It technically isn’t true that President Bush is a Nazi. He doesn’t wear militaristic uniforms, speak German, goose-step or make that corny salute. Not to mention he’s several inches taller than Hitler was. And look, as tempting as it might be to do, I don’t really think we can say definitively that the President decided to make the illegal invasion of Iraq for the purpose of killing babies. Many civilians have died, but it’s not our place to judge Bush’s motives….”

Of course, that’s a fictional quote. And of course, mistakenly calling the President a Muslim is not comparable to slandering the President as a Nazi sympathizer. Do we have any record of how Mark Udall responded in friendly Lefty audiences when people would throw out random slurs against then-President Bush? What would you expect him to do? Maybe the comparison will help illuminate the absurdity.

Anywa, I glean at least a couple observations from the HuffPo piece:

  1. Some Lefties don’t realize how desperate, pathetic and out-of-touch they sound
  2. Far more than any comments from Norton supporters might convince me, I’m now more persuaded of her perceived frontrunner status … can you imagine one of the big Lefty online sites going out of its way to make such baseless, petty attacks on Ken Buck, Tom Wiens, or even Cleve Tidwell?

Well, maybe Buck. Nevertheless, you have to admit the piece is quite amusing.

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