Is Obama Striving to Make Jimmy Carter Look Good on Foreign Policy?

I spend very little time on this page analyzing foreign affairs, but I just want to take the chance to go on the record now before returning to my regularly scheduled blogging on state and national domestic policy and politics….

For those who believe America primarily has been a force for evil in the world and should kowtow to foreign dictators, leave no doubt Barack Obama is your man.

It’s hard to find any rationale for yesterday’s pathetic U.N. speech, other than Obama might be trying to build up former president Jimmy Carter’s self-esteem or that possibly he’s trying to rewrite history to make Woodrow Wilson look like a foreign policy realist. If Obama believes what he said, it’s scary about where he wants to take our nation. If he doesn’t believe it, it’s scary that he would project such weakness just so some tinhorn dictators can slap his back.

But have no fear, children. We shall continue to praise The One in song, er, rap.

Dangerous on domestic policy, weak on foreign policy. How long ’til 2012? (Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging….)


  1. Native Son says

    The audacity of hope, no the audacity of ego. Songs to Obama in school referring to him as the Alpha and Omega. Do they really think he is the second coming of Christ. He smokes for god’s sake. He is an imperfect person, At the UN, he referred to this country as “my country” .and we the citizens as “my people”. We are not his people he is our servant. Wake up America. This man has visions of self grandeur beyond belief. His father was the same way, and Obama idolized him in a book, even though he was a dead beat dad,and led a tragic life.This is fantasy beyond belief.

  2. desslock250 says

    Can someone please paint a picture for me of what all of this change is going to look like in 10 years so I know what we are striving for. I feel like if Obama were a football coach he would get rid of the “hailmary” so it wouldn’t make the other team angry. I believe in change but this feels like musical chairs and worry who will be left standing when the music is over.

  3. Dave B says

    Obama looks unbelievably weak and more like a sellout than a leader when compared to Netanyahu’s speech. There’s a real leader. God Help the U.S.A.

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