Intriguing… A Ryan Frazier Run for U.S. Senate Might Not Be a Bad Idea

Update, 1/23: Slapstick Politics has great analysis on the speculation and ideas for the GOP to seize these sorts of unique opportunities that 2010 provides.

Face The State went deep into the rumor mill today:

The U.S. Senate race recently made its way on to Republican radar after Ritter appointed the little known Michael Bennet, who at the time was serving as DPS superintendent, to the seat. Bennet’s biggest weakness right now is that he’s part of the East Coast political aristocracy. Republicans need a fresh face and a down to earth candidate to challenge him, which is why we were so excited to hear that Aurora City Councilman Ryan Frazier may be considering a run for the seat. “It’s fair to say that right now I’m considering where I can have the greatest impact going forward,” Frazier said.

An intriguing possibility. If the GOP wanted to go outside the box with a “fresh face”, youthfulness, strong credentials, and a liberty-loving backbone, Ryan Frazier would fit the bill. But judging by the Dead Governors’ mathematically-challenged “Big Line”, Colorado’s Left-leaning political establishment doesn’t see Frazier coming. And maybe he won’t. But at this point, the Republican Party could do a lot worse.

More speculation on this topic later.


  1. Josh Raines says

    I agree!!!

    Having Ryan on the ticket would be a great shake up both for the GOP and the Dems. Ryan has my support no matter what!!!!!

  2. says

    I worked with Ryan at Buckley AFB. He is what the GOP needs – younger, energetic, disciplined, an engineer’s mindset, libertarian leaning, but still conservative enough for some of us social conservatives. I also assume that he has held hihg level security clearances, meaning he has had a pretty good background check, and lives a clean lifestyle — very important when you consider the slime that Polis and the Boulder gay-liberal millionaire mafia will attempt to fling on him.

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