How to Enjoy Watching Obama’s Health Care Speech to Congress Tonight

Tonight is President Obama’s latest in a long line of big speech about why he’s finally clear on just what exactly he intends to do about how government health care will magically improve lives through competition (and other assorted sweet-talking nonsense)….

The address to Congress is scheduled to start at 8 PM Eastern, or 6 PM local time. If you’re in a serious mood and want to follow along with the speech online, I suggest you head over to Cato at Liberty for live-blogging analysis by two of the nation’s foremost experts on health care policy. If you’re in a lighter mood, you can play Obama health care bingo — compliments of Americans for Tax Reform.

In the meantime, here are two of the latest excellent pieces written to help educate you during the ongoing debate over health care:

  • John Goodman of The National Center for Policy Analysis explains why you “should be very worried” about how rationing will unfold under Obama Care
  • Over at American Thinker, Georgia’s Kyle-Anne Shriver and California neurologist Dr. Joseph Spooner team up to give a clear comparison between Obama Care and Rep. Tom Price’s Empowering Patients First Act

In case you’re wondering, Obama’s speech figures to benefit from media swooning on its way to becoming a short-term success that should last a few days, but in the end will have changed nothing in the fundamentals of the health care reform debate.

That can’t be what Michael Bennet and Betsy Markey have to be looking forward to.

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