How Bill Ritter Has Made Union Leaders Feel at Home on Taxpayers’ Time

Have any doubts that Ritter’s union executive order has made Big Labor feel all cozy at home in state government? The intrepid Colorado Loses team reports on their union counterparts soliciting for members at an official meeting, on taxpayers’ time:

This past week, WINS organized and held a budget information meeting at the unemployment office. There was some budget guy from the state, there, along with a couple of union thugs. After the budget guy showed us the state of the state economy, a union guy got up and started soliciting for members. “We need to organize in our communities and in our offices.”

WINS used a formal budget information format to seek membership. THIS IS INAPPROPRIATE USE OF GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS!

Then, when a couple of questions were brought up about the union, the questioner was immediately silenced – stepped on, actually, – and we were told to keep the topic on the budget. Even Glenda Barry, the HR manager, stood up and silenced questions about the union. So, the union can use “official” meetings, protected by senior state mangers [sic], to solicit members, but questions about the union are not allowed.

Welcome to the state government workers paradise, brought to you by the Bill Ritter administration….

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