God Bless Us Detroit Tigers Fans, ‘Cause We’re Crazy Enough to Believe

For the baseball fan, September is a sweet (or bittersweet) time of the year. As a Detroit Tigers fan, I’ve been accustomed to more of the latter. But the pennant race is on, and both my Tigers and my Colorado Rockies are in the thick of things.

An interesting tidbit today from a Rasmussen survey of baseball fans:

Fans of the Detroit Tigers are now the second most confident fans, with 68% who think their team will win a World Series title this year. Overall, only 4% of all baseball fans think the Tigers will win. The Tigers currently lead the AL Central division by 3.5 games.

Only the New York Yankees have more optimistic fans. Yes, the Tigers lead their division, but the AL Central is the worst division in baseball. Detroit is a good team, but some question marks still exist heading down the stretch. Still, only the league’s perennial champs and the team clearly playing the best ball this season has fans with more confidence in their club’s ultimate success.

You can justly say a lot of bad things about the plight of the city of Detroit. But with a horrible economy kicking people in the pants, people there really rally around their sports teams–especially the Red Wings and the Tigers. My heart is 100 percent with them during the September pennant race, pulling for Verlander, Granderson, Cabrera, and crew.

The Minnesota Twins are going to give us everything they’ve got, but I’m looking forward to my boys from Motown moving on to the postseason. And we’re nearing the 25th anniversary of the Tigers’ last World Series crown.

To hearken back: BLESS YOU, BOYS!


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    Wow!! A GOP conservative in Colorado who is a TIGERS FAN. I thought i was the only one.

    Chin up. The Tigers will win, the Benneters will lose.

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    Phil, good to know that neither one of us is alone. Thanks for leaving a comment … and GO TIGERS!

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