Etch Yesterday in Stone as Rare Proud Moment for Congressional GOP

It’s not often that I can say Congressional Republicans make me proud by their actions. So let’s etch January 28, 2009, in stone as one of those momentous occasions. Hats off to the House GOP yesterday for standing 100 percent united against the Obama-Democrat trillion dollar pork bill that promises to mount piles of debt on my generation and future generations.

Of course, this is small consolation as there aren’t enough Republicans – with or without backbone – to stop the socialist steamroller “stimulus” from gliding through. But at least if the GOP hangs tough and united, rather than set us up for disappointment, the Democrats will own this economic disaster. (Will Senate Republicans follow their House brethren?)

And of course, yesterday’s show of solidarity is just the beginning of a process for conservative leaders in Washington that will entail plenty of hard work and creativity. Apparently, it takes reaching political rock bottom for this realization to sink in and have an impact. But better late than never.

Memo to the Beltway: We hope you stay this course of fiscal conservatism, limited government, and basic sanity, but we aren’t wringing our hands waiting for you to act. At least in Colorado, the free market and conservative grassroots is growing more energized all the time and is prepared to retake the GOP or find another way, if necessary. PS: Don’t blow it.

For other takes, Michael at Best Destiny takes the analysis a bit deeper, noting that the Democrats’ current bill is “just plain stupid”. And Rocky Mountain Right records the party-line vote of the Colorado Congressional delegation.

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