Earth Day Hysteria Ignores Progress

Update, 3:00 PM: Michelle Malkin has a great video and some informative links about the eco-indoctrination so many American children have to bear.

Yesterday was Earth Day. Where were all the Green folks celebrating four decades of remarkable progress in reducing air pollution (for example)? Yes, that’s the sound of clean air-breathing crickets chirping.

Taking a day off work for reasons other than the holiday itself, my family took a day trip to the Denver Zoo, where we were treated to a mild dose of eco-crisis hysteria from indoctrinated schoolchildren. When a little girl stopped us and sweetly asked if we wanted to learn more about penguins, I was gullible enough to believe we might learn some facts about the creatures’ diet, lifespan, habitat, and other random facts.

Nope. We were straightway bombarded by three other kids explaining how irresponsible humans and oil companies are about to send the species packing for oblivion.

At least my 3-year-old daughter was able to feel some penguin feathers. Otherwise, the whole encounter would have been a waste. I felt bad for the kids running the table. Yes, they were well trained, but what have they been learning? My wife afterward half-jokingly wondered aloud whether the students knew their multiplication tables.

Perhaps. But you have to have your scaremongering priorities. It seems the mother Earth Enviro-religion is the only religion you can teach in the public schools. Bill Ritter’s agenda is reaping some kind of result. (If this is happening to your child and you don’t like it, there is something you can do about it.)

I’m a conservationist, not an environmentalist: The difference is important.


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    Actually, penguins are from Antarctica, where the ice sheet is actually increasing in size. So, are the humans and oil companies responsible for that as well. Perhaps our development is actually saving the penguins, not killing them.

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