Eagle County’s Tom Stone Tosses Hat into Ring for State GOP Chairmanship

On March 21, Colorado Republicans convene to select party leadership for the next two years. Before today, it seemed the only real competition would be for party vice chair between Nathan Chambers incumbent Perry Buck [editorial correction based on updated information] and Leondray Gholston.

An official announcement today from former Eagle County commissioner Tom Stone means there also will be a challenge for Dick Wadhams’ position in the top spot. Here is the pledge Stone has posted on his site:

I will convene our best and our brightest to create a winning strategy for the entire State. We will effectively use all forms of technology and social media to promote our candidates.

I will organize our grassroots efforts across the State so that we work smarter and not just harder.

I will recruit candidates and then give them the support and training that they need to win. There should be no unchallenged seats!

We will take fundraising to a whole new level. Together we will raise money to support our candidates and our cause.

For interested conservative and Republican activists, Stone’s pages on collaborative leadership and vision also are worthwhile reading.

Stay tuned to Mount Virtus and other Rocky Mountain Alliance and People’s Press Collective sites over the next few weeks to see how the party leadership process unfolds.

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