Democrats Trying to Spare Unions from Massive National Health Care Tax

Say what? The Washington Examiner reports that Democrats are proposing to exempt unionized workers from the massive tax hike needed to fund government health care:

With cost estimates already as high as $1.6 trillion, Senate Finance Committee Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., has proposed paying for the bill in part by taxing health care benefits for workers who earn more than $100,000, or $200,000 for married couples, according to those familiar with the discussions.

Baucus is also weighing a tax based on the value of health care benefits that exceed a yet-to-be determined cap. A tax on benefits that exceed the cap by a mere $3,000 could amount to $750 in taxes annually for a worker who earns as little as $34,000, say experts.

But those union members serving under collective bargaining agreements would not be subjected to the tax, according to proposals under discussion.

Talk about adding insult to injury. Bad for liberty, bad for the economy, bad for health care, bad for taxpayers. And now this?

Let’s hope the proposed Big Labor payback (and the whole Obamacare government takeover plan) fades away into oblivion, but if Congress were to pass the exemption into law, could it not be challenged on constitutional grounds?

I’m getting sickened at the thought, but it gets even worse.

In today’s Wall Street Journal political diary (subscription required), John Fund also notes that one version of the Democrat health care plan floating around would “exempt members of Congress from many of its provisions.”

But whether or not there are exemptions for unions or members of Congress, Jon Henke makes a great point at The Next Right:

If Democrats want to pass the health care legislation, then let’s pass the tax hike necessary to pay for it simultaneously. Let’s bring those numbers into line and see how Americans feel about universal health care then.

Don’t expect the Democrats and other statists pushing Obamacare to be up front or honest about the cost for their plan.

Lovers of liberty, don’t miss your chance to stand up and be counted against Obamacare: sign this petition. Let’s strengthen the hand of those who are proposing free market, consumer-friendly reform.

For myriad great arguments against the destructive Obamacare takeover attempt and ideas for vastly better ways to improve the existing system, follow these links:


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