Democrats’ Anti-Taxpayer Shell Game Demands a Principled “Party of No”

The other half of Colorado Democrats’ shell game rolled through the state senate last night – with one of the longest debates on a state legislative bill in recent memory. Senate Bill 228 would repeal the state general fund’s 6 percent spending limit and allow additional funds to be diverted from transportation to pet government programs (now mainly supported by Democrats).

It’s the latest in a series of actions by Governor Bill Ritter to raise taxes and grow government without asking the people of Colorado first. So much for confidence in his own agenda.

Lefty bloggers assert that it’s an inherently bad thing for Republicans to be the “party of No” in this case. Sure, it’s not enough to fight to preserve a reliable transportation funding stream from the growth of unfettered government spending. Sure, it’s not enough to stand up for the right of Coloradans to vote to repeal spending limits – as provided in the state constitution.

But if the Democrats at the State Capitol – apparently inspired by the Obama-Reid-Pelosi vision of massive government expansion and reconstituting the welfare state at the expense of the economy and our children’s future – want to drown us in the foolish belief that government programs are well-equipped to solve our every ill, I’m glad someone is there to fight them on it.

Democrats have rejected the GOP’s every effort to slow down the debate or offer compromise amendments, helping to demonstrate what’s really behind the irresponsible governance of the majority party. The Democrats are going hog wild with our tax dollars and not bothering to ask. Somehow I don’t think this is what Colorado had in mind when they put them in charge at the statehouse.

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