Democrat Shell Game: Raise Your Car Fees to Grow State Government

John Ingold at the Denver Post reports, not surprisingly, that Governor Bill Ritter plans to sign SB 108 (aka FASTER) the Democrat bill in the state legislature to raise car fees by an average of $41 a year per vehicle. A reminder for Colorado: You put Democrats in charge, you pay more taxes for bigger government entitlement programs.

What, you say? The state has legitimate transportation needs that SB 108 is designed to fund. Those aren’t entitlement programs.

Except that the so-called “FASTER” bill is merely half of a liberal shell game. The other half is SB 228 – which would rip away limits on state appropriation increases and enable the Democrats to divert hundreds of millions of dollars dedicated to the highway fund (PDF) for Democrats to spend on their favorite government programs in future years.

So while Bill Ritter and the Democrats are selling the fee increase as a way to pay for the state’s highways, it’s merely a way to backfill highway costs so government spending can grow in other areas. Don’t you feel just a bit violated?

For what it’s worth, at least the Republicans plan to filibuster SB 228.

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