Chins Up, Eyes on 2010 in the Obama Care Battle: Target #1=John Salazar

In the spirit of the season, as Christmas Day blesses us later this week, let me boldly say: Fear not. As Rossputin ably reminds us (and to his credit, he’s been on a blogging roll lately), we do not need to be despondent or demoralized about what Harry Reid is doing to cram through the U.S. Senate on the eve of celebrating our Savior’s birth. In fact, that is what Reid is trying to accomplish with his approach.

Instead, Rossputin outlines the difficulties that can emerge as the Senate bill returns to the House next year and a conference committee likely takes place. He suggests a bipartisan plan of action to shoot down an Obama Care proposal that now appeases only politicians and insurance companies.

At the same time, Hugh Hewitt in his new Examiner column highlights a “Reverse the Vote” strategy to peel off a few Democrats who voted to pass the “public option” Obama Care bill:

Some of the Tea Party participants will want to grouse about what the Republicans did — or didn’t do — when they were in the majority before 2007. Some will worry about being co-opted or about losing their influence or position within the media spotlight as 2010 begins to shift to the elections, which inevitably highlight the two parties. Still others will be dreaming “third party” dreams and won’t want anything to do with the Party of Lincoln.

A test of the movement is directly ahead. To defeat Obamacare, it is going to have to team up with the GOP. The next few weeks will tell us a lot about the motives, and staying power, of the new activists of 2009.

Let me be clear: I’ve had plenty of disagreements with Hewitt of late, such that I very rarely even listen to his program any more. But on this point he is absolutely correct, and pro-liberty forces here in Colorado would be wise to make common cause on his immediate plan of action.

Who’s on the list of 24 targeted “Reverse the Vote” Democrats? John Salazar, in Colorado’s 3rd Congressional District. He should be the number one target for the Tea Party groups and their allies in this state as we move into 2010.

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