CEA Every Member Option Political Refund Available up to December 15

Update, 12/14: This evening during the 10:00 hour I will be discussing the Every Member Option political refund on the Jon Caldara Show — listen live at 850 KOA. We’ll be focusing on the response of Colorado’s largest local teachers’ union in the December edition of the JCEA Insight (PDF), just as we did on this recent iVoices podcast (click the play button below or follow this link):Update, 12/11: Tomorrow (Saturday) at 1:30 PM local Mountain time I will be discussing the Every Member Option political refund and other union issues on Grand Junction’s “Getting It Right” show with Rick Wagner. You can listen live on AM 1100 KNZZ. On Sunday evening at 7:30 PM local time I will be on Denver’s Backbone Radio with John Andrews to discuss the same topic. Listen live on AM 710 KNUS.

Update, 12/8: You have two chances tomorrow morning to hear me talk about the CEA’s Every Member Option political refund (December 15 deadline). At 11 AM, I’ll be on the Mike Rosen Show (AM 850 KOA). At 11:30, I’ll be on the Jim Pfaff Show (AM 560). Thanks for listening!

Update, 12/4: I am slated to be on the Jeff Crank Show Saturday at 8:30 AM to explain the Every Member Option refund deadline to a Colorado Springs-area audience. A podcast of the appearance will be available here after the show.

Update, 12/3: Jon Caldara highlights the “sinister” response of certain union officials to the Every Member Option refund message.

Update, 12/2: Gotta B Right and Tony’s Rants and Business Word take notice of the EMO political refund option for teachers, too. … So has Combs Spouts Off. Looks like the word is spreading …

Are you a Colorado public school teacher? Or perhaps a friend or loved one? If so, do you or (s)he belong to the union? Are you interested in getting back your money that the union spends on politics? If you answered Yes to these questions, then the following video about the Every Member Option (EMO) political refunds is for you:

You can cut to the chase and go straight to the CEA’s EMO online refund request page, or find all the information you’ll need for the EMO refunds from CEA and local unions on the Independent Teachers website.

Or go ahead and listen to an EMO overview and some frequently asked questions on a 3-minute podcast by clicking the play button below (if you can’t see the player, or it doesn’t work, click here to listen):

In any case, the information is only valuable if teachers know about it and act on it by December 15. (Teachers in the AFT union have a political refund, too, but no deadline to request it.) Then they’ll have to wait to next school year. So please help spread the word!


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