Bill Ritter’s Car Tax Hits Home

A few days ago Mr. Bob reminded us that Bill Ritter’s car tax was a-comin’. Well, count me among the lucky ones who has a vehicle due to have the license renewed in July, and be hit by the tax first.

Yesterday the notice came in the mail from the Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder. Usually, as the car ages and depreciates, the registration fee drops from year to year. This time it increased by more than 31 dollars. We’ll find out what the damage is on the family van in a couple months — probably about the same, methinks.

The signs of Bill Ritter’s sagging popularity should only proliferate at this point — especially among those with newer cars and/or farm tractors.

In the meantime, Bill Ritter is soliciting applications for more state employees amid the phantom “hiring freeze”. Thank you, Governor!

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