Bill Ritter Changing Tune on Harmful Energy Policies Simply Not Enough

Is Bill Ritter really going to backtrack on all the damage he’s done on the energy arena? Or is it just lip service? From yesterday’s Grand Junction Sentinel:

Natural gas is “where the Western Slope is going to sing” in Ritter’s effort to build a new energy economy, said Don Marostica, director of the Office of Economic Development and International Trade. He spoke to an audience at the Business Incubator Center.

Ritter is “very interested” in using natural gas as a clean source of power for electricity generation and no longer views it merely as a “bridge fuel” to an economy fueled only by solar, wind and renewable fuels, Marostica said. [link added]

Showing one reason why he is the strongest candidate to challenge the weak and vacillating Ritter for governor, Josh Penry offers the best reply in the Sentinel piece:

“When Bill Ritter admits that his oil and gas regulations were a catastrophic mistake and fixes them, when he fires the anti-drilling activists that he appointed to the oil and gas commission, when he apologizes to the thousands of men and women who have lost their job and homes as a result of his administration’s extreme policies, then and only then will I believe Bill Ritter has changed his tune on natural gas,” Penry wrote in an e-mail. “Until that time, it’s all just election happy talk, and talk is cheap.”

Talk is cheap. If Ritter is willing to do more than just change his tune, we’ll give him some credit. Until then, the case for fresh new leadership in the governor’s office grows stronger day by day.

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