Better Late Than Never: A Few More Photos of Denver’s Anti-“Stimulus” Rally

Everybody else has posted their pictures from yesterday’s anti-“stimulus” rally at the Colorado State Capitol:

As for me, better late than never. Here are my photographic contributions, trying to avoid too much redundancy with the others above:

First, some good signs:

A reminder of who will pay for the Generational Theft Act (my children, too)

Someone has been reading their Friedrich Hayek … have you?

A few more trillion on top of the many trillions already owed by the U.S. Government … who are we going to pay when the debt comes due?

I was kind of partial to this sign myself: Short and sweet

And then a few of the many speakers:

Michelle Malkin fired up the crowd: “If selling out our children and our grandchildren’s future is patriotism, I am very proud to be an ‘un-patriot’ in the age of Obama.”

State Senator Shawn Mitchell: “How does it help things for the federal government to shove us aside, and show us what a world class credit binge looks like?”

State Representative Frank McNulty: “How can a president who campaigned on change give us so much more of the same?” [Translation: Obama’s domestic spending policies are like George Bush’s on steroids – Link added, 2/19, 7:45 AM]

Finally, a few colorful odds and ends:

Several hundred people got the chance to symbolically sign away their family’s $30,000 in debt to pay for the Generational Theft Act

Joe Neville and a photogenic fellow Republican Capitol staffer, along with the Neville’s family pig, Nathan, the star of the rally

A personal thank-you to Michelle Malkin for the roasted pig and – despite the windy conditions – for serving a pulled pork sandwich to this hungry blogger and many others

Though we would have preferred to come together under better circumstances, a great time was had by (nearly) all the 500 or so people in attendance.

See you on March 1: Same place. Similar theme. New speakers.

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