Best Destiny’s Michael Co-Authors Book to Help You Find Your Best Destiny

It’s always great to see someone you know hit the market with a book published under their name. In this case, it’s Michael Alcorn — one of Colorado’s most veteran conservative bloggers and a charter member of the Rocky Mountain Alliance of Blogs. You may know him better as the man behind Best Destiny.

Michael has co-authored Get It: Wake Up NOW(!) to Build Your Perfect Life:

Get It is a Book / program designed to help YOU design your perfect life. While this book targets young adults ages 16 – 24, the book and program is helpful to people of all ages who simply want to get it.

The way we view things, the world is broken down into those people who “Get It” and those who “Don’t Get It”.

“Get what?” you might ask.

“Get” life-knowing early on the lessons that the school of hard knocks is going to take everybody else fifteen to thirty years to understand.

The book culls the advice solicited from many adults about life lessons they wish they had learned earlier. I was one of many they surveyed. Not sure exactly how many were surveyed, and not sure how valuable my thoughts were. But the project sure sounds like a great idea.

You can order a copy of Get It online here. Who knows? It might be just the graduation present you’re looking for.

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