Beneath the Surface of Survey Results: A 2010 GOP Youth Ticket Emerging?

Last week we released the results from our mid-summer survey of Colorado’s political temperature. In the meantime we’ve added some more analysis that suggests profiles of support for certain candidates. Without further ado, here’s our amateur cross-tab analysis that raises the question … Is there a 2010 Republican “youth” ticket emerging here in Colorado, and what are the implications? (click on the magnifying glass icon to zoom in, or on the top icon right for a full-screen view):

Survey Crosstab Results July2009

In the meantime, if you’re interested in a more scientific take on the looming governor’s primary, Magellan Strategies yesterday released results of a poll (PDF) that unsurprisingly show Scott McInnis out in front early both in support and name recognition. (UPDATE: For what it’s worth, as the Grand Junction Sentinel notes, the poll was commissioned by the McInnis campaign.)


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    Although I’m a blogger and read some of the political blogs and news stories, none of these candidates are making a big impression, yet. I’ve looked at a couple of the candidates’ web sites, but so far there’ is no there there.

    None of the candidates strikes me as a real talent or somebody Colorado is anxious to put in office.

    It will be interesting to see which candidates are supported by the failed GOP establishment and which will take the primary route.

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