Ask Colorado LOSES Why the Union Card-Check Bill is Such a Bad Idea

Do you still need more reason to understand why union bosses are so keen on taking away the secret ballot from workplace elections?

On the Colorado LOSES website, state employee Dave Ohmart gives an account of his experience trying to attend the Colorado WINS union’s rally / lobbying event at the State Capitol on Wednesday:

Ryan Webber, a union organizer, immediately came to me and asked, “You’re not going to say anything, are you Dave? I’ll have to toss you out of here if you do.” Another security-type person came over and stood behind me. Ryan then asked, “You’re not going to write more lies about me, are you Dave?” (Don’t think I ever have!) I assured him I was not there to make a scene.

Governor Ritter spoke about how pleased he was with the, “feedback from all of you” about the current economic condition. He then said something I didn’t fully understand. He told them that he was pleased that he used WINS to communicate to the state employees why there was a hiring freeze. Why would he use WINS for that when he has full access to us all via email?…

When he opened the floor for questions, Ryan leaned over to me again and said, “You’re not going to ask a question, are you Dave. I’ll walk you out of here if you do.”

Brook no dissent. Accept no questions. Toe the party line. Here’s your union organizing card … Go ahead … Sign it. Hey, do you want this guy standing over your shoulder while you vote?

According to the Examiner‘s account of Wednesday’s events:

Union organizers have also angered some state employees, who complained they were pushy and tried to coerce employees into joining the union.

David Ohmart, an employee at the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, said he formed a group to counter the union drive, which he called Colorado LOSES, and he has been under intense pressure to back off. He said his recruiting signs have been vandalized and the state has refused to allow him to use state e-mail accounts, even though the union has monthly access.

Ohmart said about 200 employees have contacted him asking him how to resist union pressure. [Link added]

Republicans in the Colorado state senate point out another problem with the fruits of Bill Ritter’s union executive order: “collective bargaining will turn out to be no bargain at all for Colorado taxpayers.”

Yes, it’s true. Just ask Washington state.

Of course, unionization also gave some of their state employees the raw end of the deal. Maybe these ex-employees who lost their jobs should give a speech at a Colorado LOSES event and invite the governor.


  1. ken roberts says

    no one should ever be intimidated in any thing here in the land of the free , a choice is just that a choice not a item pushed and threatened upon a person , no to this or yes to that it is a freedom we all should have . the signing of the cards are supposed to be used to tell if there are enough people that want union to have a secret ballot , when that part of it is taken away then you have intimidation period ,. Of course it works both ways what about the people that signed the check card in favor of a union and it ias voted down, now his/her job is not worth squat he /she will be fired in the very near future .Take your pick there is intimidation from both sides . I say have the courage of your convictions and let the chips fall where they may.There are consequences to all actions learn to live with it .

  2. says

    You’re right, Ken. Intimidation in workplace elections can come from both sides. Guaranteeing the right to a secret ballot is the only way to protect workers from any instance of intimidation. One very good reason to vote no on EFCA, aka “card-check”.

  3. Eldon says

    I received a afscme membership card today. What the H— is this. I never joined any union, and voted against the union. Is this happening to anyone else??


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