Anti-NRSC Backlash Grows, Many Supporters Urging Ken Buck to Stay In

Word is spreading about the new online petition calling for the National Republican Senatorial Committee to butt out of Colorado’s primary election and call for a fair and open process. Night Twister makes a strong statement.

Yesterday I reported that Ryan Frazier has decided to stay in despite the pressure to bow out. And now I’m learning that early reports of Ken Buck’s announced departure from the field may be premature.

Buck is getting many calls from his supporters urging him to stay in, too — apparently enough to give any candidate pause. I’m not sure that many people expected the outrage from Colorado’s grassroots to be so instant and loud. If the people want to ensure they have a strong voice in a fair primary electoral process, they need to continue speaking out.


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    Do you really believe many GOPers care that much about Buck?

    Why does he have such a loyal following?

    If he has such a loyal following, why is he having so much trouble raising money?

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    To answer your questions in order:
    1. I don’t know — he did finish 3rd among possible Republican U.S. Senate candidates in our July survey
    2. I don’t know, but it assumes a Yes answer to #1
    3. Perhaps part of the problem is the influence of certain powerful individuals urging people not to raise funds for him ….

    I’m not a Ken Buck supporter. But I prefer to stick to the high road on this one.


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