All-Star Break: Detroit Tigers Putting the Hurt on Cleveland and AL Central

Mercifully, for the sake of fellow blogger Civil Sense, I haven’t harped on the American League Central race in awhile. But the All-Star break is upon us, and a good time for reflection on the standings:

1. Detroit Tigers 48-39 —
2. Chicago White Sox 45-43 3.5 GB
3. Minnesota Twins 45-44 4 GB
4. Kansas City Royals 37-51 11.5 GB
5. Cleveland Indians 35-54 14 GB

It’s not looking good for the Indians, especially after the symbolic 10-1 spanking Detroit delivered to them this afternoon.



  1. Mac says

    One of my fondest memories of growing up is sitting on my Grandfather’s front porch in the summer of ’68 listening to the Tigers on the radio while he smoked his cigars.

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