Add Dave Schultheis to the List of GOP Lawmakers with Foot in Mouth

Update (2/26): El Presidente weighs in, along with Rocky Mountain Right and David Harsanyi. A little good judgment, please? Perhaps an apology or two?

The list of Republican state legislators over the past week with foot in mouth reaches three:

There’s much I could say about Senator Schultheis’ comments and rationale, but for the sake of time I’ll limit it to this: The best way to expose the pro-abortion Democrats’ hypocrisy on the issue would be to cast a vote in favor of life, not in favor of a confused moral message.

There is much, much, much room for the Republican Party to be the conservative party, the predominantly pro-life party, to welcome and encourage social conservatives into the party, without honoring and elevating this sort of political rhetoric and behavior.


Of course, it might also be politically incorrect to note that the Lefty manipulators will continue to try to paint the whole Republican caucus and Republican Party with the Dave Schultheis brush on this one. They’ll look silly for trying, but that won’t stop them. Schultheis has every right to say and believe what he wants, but the party leadership can and should do its part to remind people this is by no means a dominant political view within the GOP.

Remember, the Democrats who want to spend more of your money are not an isolated minority. But getting that message out there has just been made a lot harder. I look forward to focusing on that once again.


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