A Little Holiday Cheer: PJTV’s Crowder Examines Detroit Blight Up Close

Three days ’till Christmas, this will give you some holiday cheer. PJTV’s Steven Crowder takes an up close & personal look at Detroit, the once proud Motor City a mere hollow shell of what it once was (H/T Red State).

The recent Clint Eastwood flick Gran Torino gave you a glimpse of what Detroit has become. But Crowder goes even deeper into the hollowed-out blight, pervasive poverty and unemployment, and the worst schools in America in his didactic tale concerning the fruit of decades of welfare state policy, Big Labor cronyism, and corrupt city government:

When conversing with someone new about my personal history, I am always quick to point out that I grew up near Detroit. It’s hard to believe — way back in the day — that some of my grandparents lived in the city. Plum jobs in the auto factories and working for suppliers once were ripe for the picking.

I remember as a child (in the 1980s) going into Detroit for baseball games. There was a lot of urban misery around then. As of my latest visit, the area around the stadiums and Fox Theatre and the Renaissance Center had made some improvements. But then again, I have never set foot in many parts of the city — which look awfully barren in the PJTV footage.

Mr. Bob calls this video Crowder’s “best work yet.” He may just be right.

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