“Strange Method” of Cashiers Check Deposit Raises Questions for Stephanie Villafuerte, Ritter Inaugural Fund

You thought Governor Bill Ritter's ethical troubles with his inaugural fund were old news? You thought the saga of Ritter staffer and Obama US Attorney nominee Stephanie Villafuerte would only make one headline today? Well, my friends, things may have grown much more intriguing with the revelation in a new investigation from my Independence Institute colleague Todd Shepherd: … [Read more...]

Dan Haley: “Too bad voters can’t be trusted with…electing their leaders”

Denver Post editorial page editor Dan Haley and I at times certainly disagree. But one observation in his Sunday column deserves a hearty "Amen":Too bad voters can't be trusted with such matters as electing their leaders. At some point, party insiders need to shed their irrational fear of primaries and realize they can actually help candidates. What's at issue? Well, the sense of unity supposedly fostered by Republican leaders' new "Contract for Colorado" -- er, "Platform for Prosperity". The fact that it was drafted for the party's rank-and-file as a way to determine our candidate for us has not sat well. Especially without a grassroots escape clause. … [Read more...]

CEA Every Member Option Political Refund Available up to December 15

Update, 12/14: This evening during the 10:00 hour I will be discussing the Every Member Option political refund on the Jon Caldara Show -- listen live at 850 KOA. We'll be focusing on the response of Colorado's largest local teachers' union in the December edition of the JCEA Insight (PDF), just as we did on this recent iVoices podcast (click the play button below or follow this link): Update, 12/11: Tomorrow (Saturday) at 1:30 PM local Mountain time I will be discussing the Every Member Option political refund and other union issues on Grand Junction's "Getting It Right" show with Rick Wagner. You can listen live on AM 1100 KNZZ. On Sunday evening at 7:30 PM local time I will be on Denver's Backbone Radio with John Andrews to … [Read more...]

Happy Thanksgiving

A few items to commend to readers:Michelle Morin has eloquently recounted the historical origins of Thanksgiving Mr. Bob has posted a nostalgic video of a Thanksgiving greeting from our former president Ronald Reagan. Don't forget you can find my 2008 series of "What I'm Thankful For" on one convenient page With that, I'll leave a Thanksgiving meditation from Scripture, Psalm 145 (with passages that caught my attention highlighted in bold):1 I will extol You, my God, O King, And I will bless Your name forever and ever. 2 Every day I will bless You, And I will praise Your name forever and ever. 3 Great is the LORD, and highly to be praised, And His greatness is unsearchable. 4 One generation … [Read more...]

New Al Gansee: Lighthearted Reading to While Away Thanksgiving Break

No politics today, nothing that juicy or intriguing to break the fast on the eve of Thanksgiving. If you're bored over the holiday and looking for some amusing reading -- especially if you're looking to stage a new play or produce a new movie -- then check out the two-act script I completed earlier this year titled Al Gansee: The Shot Heard 'Round Cambria. The synopsis will give you the flavor:In the early 1960s, a tiny Midwestern farm community has been transformed into a Marxist workers' paradise upon the return of a charismatic native son and his Russian KGB companion. Now leading a Socialist Union that bears his name, Chief Comrade Al Gansee confronts the desire for territorial expansion and transmission of his ideals. Gansee, his … [Read more...]

A Grassroots Escape Clause in the New Colorado GOP Prosperity Platform?

So some Colorado GOP leaders have crafted a Prosperity Platform and rallied behind Scott McInnis as the gubernatorial candidate. Meanwhile, some in the grassroots remain thoroughly unconvinced and stand behind hard-working longshot Dan Maes. The issue is not the rhetoric or the substance of the 20 governing principles that has earned skepticism or even ire. It's some of the cast of characters involved that many understandably still have a hard time trusting. I'm not all the way there yet myself. What might help make the Prosperity Platform more palatable is an escape clause -- and by that I mean not for McInnis, but for us. So the issue is an agreement to fulfill the 20 principles. What happens if he is elected and then reneges, … [Read more...]

SD 16: Cheri Gerou, Don Ytterberg Out; Evergreen Businessman Tim Leonard In

The exciting opportunity for a Republican pickup in Senate District 16 with a departing incumbent Democrat Dan Gibbs has taken some interesting turns in the past week. State senate minority leader Josh Penry's most highly touted replacement was Cheri Gerou. But the HD 25 representative told me today her current seat is "where I plan to stay." So count out Gerou. Then there's Ali Hasan who, while refuting my initial speculations that he might contend, had suggested Jeffco GOP chair Don Ytterberg as a great candidate. However, Ytterberg says he has no desire to take another shot at SD 16 and is dedicated to his current work. "I made the commitment to work for the success of our party and I will do that to the best of my ability," he … [Read more...]

Ably Deconstructing the Work of Ritter’s Long Term Fiscal Stability Commission

The antithesis of the conservative reform agenda now being heavily touted by many Colorado Republican leaders is the sort of stale tax-and-spend thinking that emanates from the many taxpayer-funded commissions appointed by Bill Ritter and the Democrat legislature. Such an example is the Long-Term Fiscal Stability Commission. Three of the minority party members who suffered through hours sitting on the panel -- state representative Cheri Gerou, Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway and my Independence Institute colleague Amy Oliver Cooke -- ably deconstruct the work of the commission in a column for yesterday's Denver Post:The commission squandered a golden opportunity to reform government and provide long term fiscal stability. Instead, … [Read more...]

Oblige Michael Bennet’s Lost Vote for Obama Care and Bring Him Home

Huffington Post is running video of our appointed junior U.S. Senator Michael Bennet saying he will vote for Obama Care socialized medicine even if it means losing his job. In other words, he's completely ignoring you. But sounds like a good idea to me. A few sensible Democrats remaining in the Senate join Republicans to block increased political controls in medicine, but Bennet votes for it anyway and punches his ticket to come home in 2011. Let's help make it happen. … [Read more...]