How Bill Ritter Has Made Union Leaders Feel at Home on Taxpayers’ Time

Have any doubts that Ritter's union executive order has made Big Labor feel all cozy at home in state government? The intrepid Colorado Loses team reports on their union counterparts soliciting for members at an official meeting, on taxpayers' time:This past week, WINS organized and held a budget information meeting at the unemployment office. There was some budget guy from the state, there, along with a couple of union thugs. After the budget guy showed us the state of the state economy, a union guy got up and started soliciting for members. “We need to organize in our communities and in our offices.” WINS used a formal budget information format to seek membership. THIS IS INAPPROPRIATE USE OF GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS! … [Read more...]

Evading Serious Questions Ties Bill Ritter and Obama Nominee Villafuerte

President Obama's nomination of Stephanie Villafuerte to be Colorado's next U.S. Attorney has put Governor Bill Ritter in an unwanted situation. Serious questions remain unanswered about Villafuerte's role in the political smear of federal ICE agent Cory Voorhis during the 2006 election that led to his near conviction. But Ritter thinks it's too much trouble for us to bother with the questions now:She also declined to answer questions this week about whether she provided the FBI with a complete accounting of any contacts she had with the DA's office about [illegal immigrant Carlos] Estrada-Medina. A message and detailed e-mail left by The Post for Villafuerte were returned instead by Evan Dreyer, spokesman for Ritter. He said Villa fuerte, … [Read more...]

Rasmussen: Marco Rubio More Electable than Charlie Crist in Florida

Red State's Dan McLaughlin reports interesting news from my second favorite 2010 Senate race: A new Rasmussen poll shows limited government conservative Marco Rubio faring slightly better (46-31) in the general election matchup against leading Democrat Kendrick Meeks than sitting governor Charlie Crist fares (46-34). Incidentally, Crist's projected lead is dwindling while Rubio's projected lead is growing. It's exciting to see so much momentum behind the Marco Rubio campaign. And as McLaughlin points out, the case for Crist's nomination pretty much is evaporating right before our eyes:The Crist campaign is all about a balancing act between two disparate narratives: an air of inevitability in the primary and sufficient desperation about … [Read more...]

Another Norton-McCain Connection?

(H/T Complete Colorado) The Colorado Independent reports on another connection between Republican U.S. Senate candidate Jane Norton and our last presidential nominee John McCain -- thanks for the links. In the race for a little more than five weeks now, the former lieutenant governor has been hitting the campaign trail on the Western Slope recently. As the Grand Junction Sentinel notes, Norton certainly is hitting the right talking points early on. This blogger still has some skepticism, some questions to be answered. An interview may be in the near future: Stay tuned.... … [Read more...]

Obama’s Solons of Racial Politics Overrule Local N.C. Voters’ Decision

Update, 12:30 PM: Rossputin also offers up some cogent thoughts on this outrageous story. From a Washington Times story yesterday (H/T Red State), in which the Obama Justice Department overruled a North Carolina city's popularly-approved decision to have nonpartisan local elections:The department ruled that white voters in Kinston will vote for blacks only if they are Democrats.... As noted by American Thinker essayist Ed Lasky, the good intentions of the 1965 Voting Rights Act that enabled this federal power grab have been turned on their head:Racism - and partisan politics and a prejudiced view of the South - seem alive and well in Eric Holder's Justice Department. A local twist? The notion "that white voters...will vote for … [Read more...]

Support for Education Reform Funds = Support for Bill Ritter’s Re-Election?

Update, 10/24: Received a third pro-Obama Care email from Bill Ritter (and Mark Udall and Michael Bennet) today, still nothing on education reform ... Colorado Governor Bill Ritter has a page set up where you can sign a petition to support the state's effort to receive federal Race to the Top competitive grant dollars that support education reform. If you sign the petition, you end up on some sort of mailing list for Ritter's re-election campaign. In the two weeks since I signed the petition I've received two mass emails urging me to back Obama Care! Here's the complete text of the online petition: … [Read more...]

State Treasurer Fundraising Update: Stapleton’s Advantage Even Greater

Last Thursday, in quickly responding to the release of fundraising numbers in Colorado's state treasurer's race I wrote:Stapleton’s GOP primary rival J.J. Ament — who won out over Stapleton in our most recent survey of Colorado’s political temperature — brought in a very respectable $86,000. No cash-on-hand amount was reported, but clearly he is behind both his Republican rival and the incumbent Democrat. Upon further review, there's more to the story that could call into question my initial use of "very respectable" to describe Ament's fundraising numbers. In that $86,000 total, about $9,300 came in the form of in-kind contributions (including about $7,300 contributed directly by the candidate). As a result, Ament was left with a little … [Read more...]

Ed Perlmutter’s Health Care Solution: Raise Taxes, More Government

As the political stomach turns ... My Democratic Congressman Ed Perlmutter wants to raise taxes (H/T Complete Colorado) on investments to pay for government health care. As if that will do anything but further slow down America's economic engine and further erode your personal medical freedoms. Don't just get angry. Put your support behind one of our good Republican candidates running to oust Perlmutter: Ryan Frazier or Brian Campbell. … [Read more...]

Great News and a Great Belwether? Marco Rubio Surging Close in Florida

If there's one 2010 race outside Colorado I'm following more closely than any other, it's the Florida Republican Senate primary -- a battle for the soul of the party between left-of-center governor Charlie Crist and conservative state legislative leader Marco Rubio. Despite being a huge underdog, Rubio has shown a lot of momentum. Red State's Erick Erickson has posted the latest good news -- check it out. … [Read more...]

Arvada City Council Candidates Respond to Financial Transparency Idea

All politics is local, right? Mail ballot municipal elections already are underway, so late last week I decided it was finally time to ask the Arvada city council candidates on my ballot what they think of the idea of detailed financial transparency. Below I've pasted the message I emailed to the two at-large candidates and the two district candidates and what I learned: … [Read more...]