Bill Ritter Bait-and-Switch Continues … Desperate? Unethical? Incompetent?

Update, 11/2: Another campaign email from Ritter begging multiple times for contributions, with only a brief passing mention of "improving the quality of our children's education" .... Yes, that's one bait-and-switch online petition. The Bill Ritter email bait-and-switch continues. Three weeks ago, during my first and only ever contact on Bill Ritter's website, I signed an online petition urging "the U.S. Department of Education to recognize Colorado’s distinct education reform initiatives, and to award Colorado a 'Race to the Top' grant...." What followed within the first couple weeks were a pair of emails from Ritter urging me to take action in support of Obama Care. Did it occur to anyone in the Bill Ritter re-election office that … [Read more...]

Has John Salazar’s Support of Obama Care Invited a Scott Tipton Challenge?

(H/T Complete Colorado) The Grand Junction Sentinel reported yesterday that Colorado 3rd District Democratic Congressman John Salazar has opted to back Nancy Pelosi and the Party leadership's attempt to push a government health care takeover. Might this development be enough to prompt a repeat challenge from a strong conservative like state Rep. Scott Tipton? My guess is yes, it will. Colorado may have three competitive challenges to Congressional Democrat incumbents in 2010. Stay tuned. … [Read more...]

Taking on the Colorado Supreme Court: Mark Hillman, Mike Rosen & Me

Update, 1:50 PM: I also will be talking about the Lobato case and school funding adequacy on Face The State weekend radio with Brad Jones. In the Denver area, that's AM 710 KNUS on Saturday at 5:00 AM and Sunday at noon. Check local listings for additional stations and times. A sense that the Colorado Supreme Court is growing out of control continues to pick up momentum after the October 19 Lobato v State ruling (PDF), in which the 4-3 liberal majority arrogated to itself the power to determine school funding policy. On Wednesday my friend and former state senate leader Mark Hillman ably dissected the dangers in this decision. Yesterday, Colorado's leading conservative talk show host Mike Rosen leaped into the fray with a strong … [Read more...]

Josh Penry Taking Debate in Serious Direction of Long-Term State Reform

Yesterday state senate minority leader and gubernatorial candidate Josh Penry took the opportunity to respond to Governor Bill Ritter's "kick the can down the road" budget-cutting proposals with a provocative series of questions aimed at serious reform of state government:Is it time to abolish the Department of Local Affairs? Is it time to consolidate the bureaucracy over Higher Education? Is it time to eliminate duplicative boards and commissions? Is it time to abolish silos of patronage like the governor's energy office? Is it time to consolidate administrative functions among the state's 178 school districts? Is it time for the 357 state employees making more than $125,000 a year to take a permanent pay cut? Is it time to cut other … [Read more...]

Jeffco GOP Central Committee Recap: Governor Hopefuls Speak, Gholston Steals Show, Frazier Team Absent

Last night I attended the Jefferson County Republican Central Committee meeting, along with nearly 200 other local precinct and district leaders. Considering the central order of business was to ratify new by-laws and the snows of the big storm were just beginning to fall, turnout was not at all bad. The main bill might also have helped bring some folks in. All three Republican gubernatorial candidates got their six-minute turn on the stump. And Alex's observations notwithstanding, all three comported themselves well and were equally well received by the audience. The biggest loser at last night's event was obviously Bill Ritter -- whose unpopularity seemed unrivaled. … [Read more...]

Government Run Amok Again: Don’t Offer Paid Rides to Airport in Nevada

A new story from the files of government authority run amok... Following shortly on the heels of the Michigan woman harassed by social services for watching some neighbor kids before they catch the school bus, comes a doozy from Nevada. Vin Suprynowicz recounts the story of Delinda Epstein's costly brush with the County Transportation Authority when she tried to make private arrangements to drive someone to the airport. Read this story and ask yourself: Is it anything but common sense to insist on limiting the size and scope of government? … [Read more...]

Is Maine’s Question 4 a Belwether of Limited Government Sentiment?

A lot of people are looking at the Virginia governor's race -- or even the New York 23 race -- as a belwether of conservative, limited government political sentiment and activism going into the 2010 midterm elections. Me? I'm looking at a ballot initiative in Maine that would institute tax and spending limits similar to those in Colorado. As Question 4 trails in the polls, citizen activists have uncovered opponents using legislative resources to promote pay-to-play scheme. Enough to turn the tide? Perhaps, but not likely given conventional political wisdom. But what might be interesting to see is if the 2009 version generates any late momentum or outperforms the 2006 Maine Taxpayer's Bill of Rights, that lost 54-46. It might offer us … [Read more...]

Rasmussen: GOP Congress Out of Touch, Democrats Even Less Trusted

I've spent the past several days trying to reach a coherent synthesis from these two poll results taken by Rasmussen: 73 percent of Republican voters say Republicans in Congress have lost touch with their base -- men and older voters are more likely to share these sentiments; and (unsurprisingly) far more voters obviously are concerned about economic, fiscal, and national security issues than domestic or cultural issues General election voters trust Republicans more than Democrats on all 10 key electoral issues -- with double-digit advantages in national security, Iraq, taxes, economy and abortion So what should Republican politicians and candidates learn from these results? I mean, besides the fact that it's hard to make too much … [Read more...]

Josh Penry Wins Hometown Support; Bill Ritter Wins Root Canal Crowd

The Denver Post this morning published a pair of follow-up stories analyzing the campaign finance reports in the race for Colorado governor: "...Grand Junction residents overwhelmingly voted with their wallets for state Sen. Josh Penry over former U.S. Rep. Scott McInnis in the opening salvo of their primary battle." As they say, those who know the two hometown candidates best.... "Gov. Bill Ritter can thank dentists, satellite TV executives and unions for a big chunk of the $450,000 he raised last quarter for his re-election bid." Despite all the loud noise, there's no big surprise some labor groups still will pour the maximum into Ritter's campaign. But dentists? Well, the governor's car tax and accompanying late fees have felt … [Read more...]