McInnis-Norton Think Tank Comes to Life with Bizarre, Irony-Rich Poll

Update, 9/25: From this morning's Denver Post: Sean Tonner said CPI "is not for elections" and "is going to be here long past 2010." However, Tonner has a long track record of working on elections, and CPI has absolutely no track record as an independent organization. So despite the obvious explanation that there's no formal relationship between CPI and these campaigns, the claim is dubious. Gulp -- I even agree with the Dead Guvs on this one. I'd been wondering when the new Colorado Policy Institute (CPI) would come to life and do something. So what did they finally do today? Publish a white paper? None of those yet. Post an item or two on their "Issues" page? Nope, still waiting for that to happen. One more guess, readers.... CPI … [Read more...]

Is Obama Striving to Make Jimmy Carter Look Good on Foreign Policy?

I spend very little time on this page analyzing foreign affairs, but I just want to take the chance to go on the record now before returning to my regularly scheduled blogging on state and national domestic policy and politics.... For those who believe America primarily has been a force for evil in the world and should kowtow to foreign dictators, leave no doubt Barack Obama is your man. It's hard to find any rationale for yesterday's pathetic U.N. speech, other than Obama might be trying to build up former president Jimmy Carter's self-esteem or that possibly he's trying to rewrite history to make Woodrow Wilson look like a foreign policy realist. If Obama believes what he said, it's scary about where he wants to take our nation. If … [Read more...]

‘Serious Fact-Checking’ and Serious Obama-MSM Irony: Toledo Edition

Who knew the fawning love affair between the old guard media and President Obama could produce such irony? Toledo's top blogger Maggie Thurber documents how in the same interview her local newspaper quoted Obama as being concerned about the blogosphere for having "no serious fact-checking", while failing to fact-check exaggerations and distortions from Obama. People who believe everything they read in the newspapers as the standard of gospel truth deserve pity. People who uncritically accept Obama's statements on important issues of the day as factual betray their own painful naivete. People who read a newspaper's interview of Obama without raising an eyebrow of suspicion...? Judge for yourselves. Thanks, Maggie (and thousands of … [Read more...]

Wake Up and Check Out R Block Party’s Sept. 24th Candidate Enclave

If you're a concerned citizen who wants to get active in the political process and you're anywhere around the south Denver metro area tomorrow evening (Thursday, September 24), check out the R Block Party meeting at Littleton's Bemis Public Library. Not only will local candidates be featured but Republican U.S. Senate hopefuls Jane Norton and Tom Wiens are slated to be in attendance. RSVP to But don't just show up. Ask questions. Get involved. Because maybe -- just maybe -- (as my Independence Institute colleague Jessica Corry suggests) this could be the year the people woke up. … [Read more...]

Boulder Teachers Prepare to Walk Over Strike Precipice … For What Now?

Update, 1:40 PM: Westword's Michael Roberts notes that the Boulder Valley Education Association president is sending different messages about the possibility of a strike to members and the media. (H/T Complete Colorado) The Daily Camera reports today that the Boulder Valley Education Association has filed official notice of the intent to strike. Which doesn't necessarily mean a strike will happen or will happen imminently, but raises the specter of crossing picket lines to get to classrooms. Colorado's Labor Peace Act (PDF) requires a 40-day notice in the filing of intent to strike. That puts us right into early November. In the meantime, the director of the state's Department of Labor is obligated to issue a ruling whether he … [Read more...]

Hard to Overlook: Obama’s Glaring Broken Promise on Bill Transparency

It's very hard for the online political activist, much less the average citizen, to keep track of all the Obama deceptions and misdirections. And what about the broken promises? You know, like the pledge to post all bills online for five days for the public to read before the President signed anything. Well, the Cato Institute's Jim Harper lays it out in detail: A little over 240 days in, the Obama White House is 1-for-61 in keeping this basic promise. As Harper notes, "That’s a .016 average, baseball fans." In most cases, he notes that it would have been very easy to do. That kind of slump should put somebody on the bench ... and we're not talking the federal court system here. And besides, lately there have been more important … [Read more...]

“Rasmussen is a heck of a bigger deal than Ben DeGrow”

Westword blogger Michael Roberts reports on the results of our survey of Colorado's political temperature released yesterday. The flattering comparison that titles the post, which comes from Scott McInnis for Governor spokesman Sean Duffy, now adorns my "Who Writes This Blog?" page. After all, fame is fleeting.... For the latest and greatest comprehensive polling data out there, check out Rasmussen Reports. … [Read more...]

The Incoherence of Obama Care

When Wolf Blitzer from liberal CNN grasps the simple concept of health care competition and deregulation and White House adviser trips all over himself trying to explain how up is down, isn't it clear that Obama Care is incoherent? And isn't it obvious why the President's program to add more political controls to medicine is encountering such loud and widespread opposition? (H/T Michelle Malkin) … [Read more...]

Survey Results: Penry Surges Ahead, 3-Way Struggle in U.S. Senate Primary

Introducing the top-line results from the 2nd edition of the survey of Colorado's political temperature. Exactly 500 people participated in the project. Thanks to those of you who took the time to help out! Coming later in the week will be an analysis of some key crosstabs and correlations. But for now here's a quick rundown of the survey's top-line results: The biggest winner, making significant gains in both support and perceived strength since our July survey, is gubernatorial candidate Josh Penry The larger shifting field of the U.S. Senate race gives a less clear picture, with Ryan Frazier edging out Ken Buck for most support, and Jane Norton beating Frazier by a similarly narrow margin for perceived strength The heavily … [Read more...]

Vince Carroll: Not So Fast, We Have a GOP U.S. Senate Primary, After All

What a difference a week makes! Last Sunday Denver Post editorial page editor Dan Haley laid out the red carpet for Republican Jane Norton's U.S. Senate campaign. Today, in the printed space directly beneath Haley, columnist Vince Carroll took a look at Norton's "clunky" bio page and "languid and subdued" introductory video, and had to say Ummm... Not so fast: … [Read more...]