A ‘Nonpartisan’ Reason to Challenge California Anti-Taxpayer Media Bias

It's quite often the subtle bias in the dominant liberal media that can make a significant difference. Witness yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle piece on a California ballot initiative to impose tax-and-spending limitations on state government. Writer John Wildermuth quotes from two Colorado sources to establish views on our own state's experience with the stronger Taxpayer's Bill of Rights limit (emphases added):"Nobody disagrees that (the cap) kept government spending lower," said Carol Hedges, a senior fiscal analyst for the nonpartisan Colorado Fiscal Policy Institute, which opposes the state's budget cap. "But supporters don't like to talk about the human cost of keeping government smaller."... Across the nation, anti-tax … [Read more...]

On Socialism and Ron Paul: Two Timely Essays for Lovers of Liberty

A quick-hit double-link in the form of two recent essays I recommend as timely and relevant reading for thoughtful lovers of liberty: "The Welfare State and the Meaning of Life" by Greg Forster, whose work I have come to know through his excellent research and analysis of school choice issues, but in this case makes a strong moral case against socialism "Ron Paul's Secession Lies on Video" by libertarian lawyer and thinker Tim Sandefur, a college classmate of mine who delivers a remedial lesson in United States history and the Constitution to the Congressman and former presidential candidate ... It's one thing to speak up loudly against federal overreaches and for a renewed respect of the 10th Amendment, it's quite another to call for … [Read more...]

Earth Day Hysteria Ignores Progress

Update, 3:00 PM: Michelle Malkin has a great video and some informative links about the eco-indoctrination so many American children have to bear. Yesterday was Earth Day. Where were all the Green folks celebrating four decades of remarkable progress in reducing air pollution (for example)? Yes, that's the sound of clean air-breathing crickets chirping. Taking a day off work for reasons other than the holiday itself, my family took a day trip to the Denver Zoo, where we were treated to a mild dose of eco-crisis hysteria from indoctrinated schoolchildren. When a little girl stopped us and sweetly asked if we wanted to learn more about penguins, I was gullible enough to believe we might learn some facts about the creatures' diet, … [Read more...]

Democrat Numbers Show Door Wide Open for Challenge to Michael Bennet

The results are out: newly selected U.S. Senator Michael Bennet is not doing so great. That's the message from the Democratic firm Public Policy Polling (PPP) -- which commissioned the survey. Politico says Bennet is "off to a slow start". And apparently dissatisfied with the results, the Democrat Dead Governors' blog for the first time features a front-page critique of PPP as "notorious" for its unreliability. From the few previous mentions on their site, PPP polling substantiated Mark Udall's lead in last year's Senate race -- Obama, too. Now, though, we just can't trust them. It's not as if the results are spectacular for the Republican field looking to challenge Michael Bennet. The public is simply not in any way engaged with the … [Read more...]

How Many Coloradans Know about Michael Bennet – and Which Republican Should Challenge Him?

Politics West points out a newly-released survey from a Democratic polling firm finds that support among Coloradans for both Barack Obama and "senior" U.S. Senator Mark Udall is slipping. The Public Policy Polling firm is slated to release results today for newly selected Senator Michael Bennet, up for re-election in 2010. What I'll be looking for first is not the favorable-unfavorable rating but the percentage of Colorado voters who know enough about Bennet even to form an opinion, and whether they ironically might view the man as indecisive. Face The State also has an online poll to see your preference for a Republican opponent for Bennet: Bob Beauprez, Ken Buck, Dan Caplis, Ryan Frazier, or (the write-in campaign for) Cleve … [Read more...]

RMA Blog Talk Radio Tonight at 8:30: Clear the Bench & State Budget Debate

Tune in tonight at 8:30 PM local Mountain time for the 23rd edition of Rocky Mountain Alliance Blog Talk Radio. Our confirmed guest for this week is Matt Arnold from Clear the Bench Colorado to discuss his grassroots campaign to recall four state supreme court justices. We also hope to have on Senator Mark Scheffel, R-Parker, to talk about the contentious state budget debate. If you miss the live show, you can go back and download the podcast, or just use the handy widget on my sidebar to listen directly from Mount Virtus. … [Read more...]

Is Democrat Jack Pommer Just Screwing Up a Lot of Paperwork Again?

Face The State has the details about the Boulder Democrat:On the April 16 report, [state representative Jack] Pommer lists campaign contributions from registered lobbyists and special interest groups made on February 5. The date is significant, as it falls exactly a month into the legislative session. Under Colorado campaign finance law, it is illegal for lobbyists or special interest groups that lobby to give or solicit money for the campaigns of state office-holders while the legislature is in session. "The way the law reads, it says lobbyists shall not give," said Rich Coolidge, spokesman for the Secretary of State. "The burden falls on the lobbyist." Lobbyist contributions came from Jane Urschel of the Colorado Association of … [Read more...]

HB 1342 Hearing Tuesday: Democrats’ Latest Attempt to Bypass TABOR

We have heard Democrats in the state legislature talk out loud about exploiting a partisan Colorado Supreme Court overreach to violate the state constitution and repeal tax credits without a vote of the people. Via an emergency update from the Republican Study Committee, the Democrats' first real attempt to test their theory comes up for a hearing tomorrow: … [Read more...]

Posting “a think on Cleve Tidwell”

So yesterday I receive this verbatim email message from a mysterious "Victorila Rasheem" (all errors of spelling and syntax preserved):I think taht your website should do a think on Cleve Tidwell. Most say that he has the support of most if not all of the major donors in the state. Also much of the grassroots is excited for him and is backing him to be the senator for colorado. I do not know if Dick Wadhams found him or not but if he did it was a good find because he is a good candidaet and wiill win. He is a very good speaker and will be at most events when he is senator because he will represent people in Colorado. Also, he has not spoken with the press so whatever you might hear if anything is probably just their way of trying to create … [Read more...]