Scott McInnis’ Responses to “Serious Questions” Less Than Satisfactory

Complete Colorado has the scoop on one likely Republican candidate for governor's foot-in-mouth problem when it comes to voice mail messages. Did Scott McInnis' remarks reveal something illegal or unethical? Jessica Fender reports that it's technically not. But McInnis' responses are concerning:McInnis, who verified that he left the message, points out he's not officially announced his candidacy or formed a candidate committee, so the rules do not yet apply. And what he really meant to say was that [Sean] Tonner, president of consulting firm Phase Line Strategies, is a supporter and answering questions about potential future 527s, he said. … [Read more...]

GOP Needs Problems Fixed, But Arlen Specter Defection Isn’t One of Them

I will not deny that the Republican Party (nationally and locally) has had its share of problems and dysfunctions in the recent past. My purpose here is not to write an in-depth treatise analyzing the causes, suffice it to say that a gross lack of fiscal responsibility and a glaring absence of fealty to other mainstream conservative ideas played major roles. But let's be honest: the Party deserves little if any of the blame for the Arlen Specter defection. The man is far less principled than the average member of Congress, and that's saying a lot. Specter's party switch (and his ham-handed, self-serving approach in doing so) showed a lack of respect to the voters of Pennsylvania, and to the intelligence of the average American. That … [Read more...]

Michael Riley’s “100 Days” Obama Paean Could Use a Little Perspective

As Barack Obama nears 100 days in office, major newspapers take notice. Yet what a difference a turn of the phrase makes. First, Michael Riley leads off his "Potent voice of change" on the front page of today's Denver Post:One hundred days into his administration — forced by events and prodded by his own driving leadership style — Barack Obama has brought change to Washington that is bigger, bolder and far more risky than anything he articulated in his historic campaign. What's another way of saying that? Let's ask the editors of the Washington Times:Perplexed about complaints over Mr. Obama's expansion of government, Newsweek editor Jon Meacham asked: "does no one listen during campaigns?" It was these pundits who weren't … [Read more...]

Ryan Frazier Out Stronger than Ken Buck – Don’t Expect to See Beauprez

If the earliest of trends are any indication, Ryan Frazier has come out of the gate looking the strongest in Colorado's Republican primary to challenge Michael Bennet for the U.S. Senate. After all, the rollout of the Ken Buck campaign could have been handled much more adeptly. But then again, the earliest of trends don't amount to much more than something for bloggers to write about. In the end, it should be a very interesting and competitive showdown between Frazier and Buck (with perhaps something to be heard from Cleve Tidwell). That's right. Count me among those who doesn't see former Congressman Bob Beauprez getting in this race. (At least as much as I can gather from a few fans on Ken Buck's Facebook page, and various … [Read more...]

Which Nickname Should Honor Michael Bennet’s Ongoing Indecision?

While we're killing time waiting for newly selected U.S. Senator Michael Bennet to make up his mind on the union card-check bill, we can entertain ourselves with a good, old-fashioned nickname debate. The National Republican Senatorial Committee has started a video campaign (watch below the fold) to label Colorado's junior senator as "Back 'N' Forth Bennet": … [Read more...]

Colorado Governor Bill Ritter to Teller and Gilpin Counties: “Drop Dead”

With his veto of a widely-supported bipartisan measure that would give mountain communities a representative voice on the Limited Gaming Control Commission, Democrat Governor Bill Ritter essentially has said: "Drop dead, Teller and Gilpin Counties". Maybe Ritter is looking for ways to further weaken his sagging approval ratings. … [Read more...]

Stand Up Today Against Government Health Care Takeover Attempt

Over at We Stand FIRM, Dr. Paul Hsieh brings attention to an attempt by Washington D.C. Democrats to fast-track a major expansion of government control of health care. If you've been looking for a chance to speak out for liberty, or you are just enraged by the political tactics, as well as the harmful and costly end-game on health care policy, Hsieh provides some great evidence and a couple sample letters you can use to formulate your own letter to Senators Mark Udall and Michael Bennet. The time to stand up is today ... not tomorrow, not next week. Make your voice heard for individual freedom, personal responsibility, and affordable, free market health care! … [Read more...]

RMA Blog Talk Radio at 8:30: Walker Stapleton, Legislative Session

Tune in tonight at 8:30 PM local Mountain time for the 24th edition of Rocky Mountain Alliance Blog Talk Radio. Our confirmed guest for this week is Walker Stapleton, the first announced Republican candidate for Colorado State Treasurer in 2010. As the legislative session draws to an end, we also hope to have on a state legislator to talk about important issues for lawmakers still to decide. If you miss the live show, you can go back and download the podcast, or just use the handy widget on my sidebar to listen directly from Mount Virtus. … [Read more...]

Limited Government Week: An Awareness Raiser To Rally Behind

No day, week, or month passes that isn't officially commemorated for some reason. Take April, the month we're in for a few more days: What have you done the last 27 days to honor National Poetry Month, Stress Awareness Month, or even Fresh Florida Tomato Month? That's what I thought ... In the meantime, there are important causes that definitely deserve greater awareness, like this one: Limited Government Week. If you can get down to Colorado Springs anytime in the next few days, you may find one or more valuable events to attend. The highlight is a Tuesday dinner with keynote speaker Amity Shlaes, author of The Forgotten Man: A New History of the Great Depression (an excellent book). For more details on the week's activities, go … [Read more...]

Random Monday Morning Musings

Monday morning -- The world of Colorado politics is quiet ... too quiet. About 9 days left in the legislative session, and some version of Senate Bill 228 is still lurking out there. Will Democrats really rush ahead with this taxpayer-unfriendly idea? In other random news, Ken Buck is in the U.S. Senate fray. Immigration almost certainly figures to be a hot-button issue in the primary, if not the general election itself. But what does it all mean, with incumbent appointee Michael Bennet's apparent weakness among Hispanic voters? In other words, it's simply too quiet out here. … [Read more...]