Does God Oppose the Secret Ballot?

Hey, who knew intimidating and badgering workers was a religious virtue? Or that God opposes the secret ballot in workplace elections? Well, apparently, so say "55 Colorado faith leaders" who signed a letter and sent it to Congress on behalf of the deceptively-named Employee Free Choice Act. (Or maybe they haven't actually read the bill to see what it does.) I don't deny the Religious Left's right to petition the government. They just happen to be terribly wrong on this issue. … [Read more...]

Counterproductive: Scott Renfroe Poorly Chose Rhetoric and Context

Denver Post columnist Al Knight has a fine piece today stating the arguments why the Colorado legislature should reject Senate Bill 88, the mandate to provide health-insurance benefits to same-sex couples: it embroils the state in legal battles, it violates the will of state voters, it has a negative impact on a tight budget, etc. No, instead, Republican state senator Scott Renfroe opened his mouth during the SB 88 debate, and played right into the hands of the Left. … [Read more...]

Boulder Valley School Board Considers Costly Appeal in Anti-Charter Lawsuit

After spending nearly $200,000 in taxpayer funds to sue the state to stop students from attending state-authorized charter schools, and being ruled against twice, the Boulder Valley School Board meets tonight to decide whether to appeal to the Colorado Supreme Court and spend even more. Aren't there any more effective ways they could be using this money to ... (I don't know) ... educate children? Read more at the Independence Institute's new GoBash website. … [Read more...]

Democrats and Marostica: “Forget the Constitution, California, Here We Come”

When talking politics or economics, it's usually a powerful rhetorical tactic to compare our own Colorado to California - especially these days. In that light, here's a fitting and timely reminder from state senator Ted Harvey:The lesson Colorado’s legislators must learn from this recession is clear: fiscal responsibility works. Even though the legislature collectively fell short of creating a rainy day fund, TABOR and the Arveschoug-Bird 6% spending cap forced Colorado legislators to keep spending low. Had the government enjoyed free rein in ramping up spending – which is a great temptation to many lawmakers tasked with spending other people’s money – Colorado’s budget crisis would be as serious as California’s. [emphasis … [Read more...]

RMA Blog Talk Radio Tonight at 8:30: Filmmaker Evan-Coyne Maloney, Nadeem Esmail on Health Care

Gloomy about the Obama administration's intervention halting economic recovery and pushing the markets down so we can party like it's 1997? Then I have just the cure. Tune in starting at 8:30 PM local Mountain Time this evening for the 15th edition of Rocky Mountain Alliance Blog Talk Radio, with two very interesting guests. First is Evan Coyne-Maloney, creator of the film Indoctrinate U, which exposes and challenges political correctness run amok on our nation's college campuses. His on-air discuss with the RMA crew comes two days before the movie's showing at Liberty on Film Thursday evening in Denver's LoDo. With proposals to further socialize health care looming at the State Capitol, the second guest is the Fraser Institute's … [Read more...]

Re Hugh, I Second Joshua’s Motion

Earlier today Joshua wrote:Hugh, you know we'd like to have you here in Colorado, under the right circumstances. But it's hard to see how those circumstances include a dilletante's knowledge of Colorado politics, and a studio build-out large enough for a swimming pool and in-studio parking. Then again, the Winter X-Games sponsorship possibilities are intriguing. I second that motion. The right circumstances also might include a regular weekly segment on the Hugh Hewitt Show with representatives of the Rocky Mountain Alliance of Blogs, and a severe rationing (or outright ban) of pathetic cheerleading for Ohio State and all teams Cleveland. … [Read more...]

Good News: Night Twister Spins Liberty on the Rocks into Fort Collins

Kudos to fellow Rocky Mountain Alliance member Randy Ketner (aka Night Twister) for taking the initiative to launch the Fort Collins chapter of Liberty on the Rocks. (Of course, you would already have known this if you were listening to Rocky Mountain Alliance Blog Talk Radio.) The movement continues to grow. … [Read more...]

Colorado Daily Op-Ed Tackles Porkulus Bill and Local Education Reform

For anyone interested, my latest op-ed contribution ran yesterday in the Colorado Daily, which starts as follows:Given the significant debt future generations are now obligated to repay, President Barack Obama's new "stimulus" package could be far better used to promote meaningful education reform in Colorado. Rather than helping, the large amount of free-flowing federal funds may end up undermining efforts to improve educational opportunity in Colorado. It too heavily subsidizes the status quo, while needlessly placing promising innovations at risk. Hopefully it comes off as a little bit irritable and provocative, but ultimately one idea for helping to make the best out of a bad situation. … [Read more...]

Poetic License: A Lefty Blogger’s Dilemma, the Week in Review

With too much time on my hands, here's a fun set of rhyming couplets to recapitulate the week just passed from the perspective of a hypothetical Lefty Colorado blogger:Do I write about Marostica, Or the dude with the Swastika? A Republican lawmaker mocking his peers, Or some guy to abuse for a few Josh Penry jeers? I must blog on one or the other, 'Cause what is there really to say about Suthers? Do I write about Marostica, Or the dude with the Swastika? One gives our free-spending values that bipartisan glow, The other had fun stealing Michelle Malkin's show. … [Read more...]

Don Marostica Apologizes – Still Not the Vanguard of a Brave, New GOP Future

State representative Don Marostica reportedly has apologized for yesterday's bizarre comment that Mark Hillman, Jon Caldara, and other fiscally conservative Colorado leaders are "losers" and "has-beens". The apology was a public sign of good behavior and good taste, and perhaps a political necessity. In light of new developments, I conducted a follow-up ad hoc poll: "Are you clamoring to support Republican leaders who want to remove sensible limits on government growth, no matter how apologetic they may be for rudely calling names of those who disagree with them?" Once again, completely silent. One respondent scratched his forehead, but insisted on clarifying he was not raising his hand as a Yes. Don Marostica can go his own way if … [Read more...]