Yippee… Barack Obama May Get “Modest” Bounce in Polls from DNC

It’s normal for a major national political convention to give its nominee a “bounce” in the polls, so it’s too early to reach any conclusions. After all, the Obamessiah has yet to give his rock star speech at Invesco Field, which may cause the knees of middle America to swoon. But so far, Rasmussen’s daily tracking poll has yet to pick up on the signs of major Joe(Biden)-mentum.

No, wait, that’s not fair … Today’s results show “hints of a modest convention bounce building for Barack Obama”. Obama broke the tie with John McCain to forge a one-point national lead – still, not that compelling after last week saw the Democrat candidate with a consistent three-to-four point lead. And after three days of fawning media coverage of the Democratic National Convention, the more important analysis shows neither candidate at the magic total of 270 electoral votes, even with “leaners” factored in.

Obama’s chances right here in the toss-up state of Colorado – which Rasmussen currently slates in the Democrat column but sees as slowly sliding toward McCain – may be significantly upset by a major Denver traffic jam while Colorado’s busiest stretch of highway is closed.

The John McCain campaign had braced itself for a 15-point Barack Obama bounce from the DNC. Unless Obama can significantly outdazzle a typical David Copperfield performance in tonight’s Invesco appearance, that certainly doesn’t look it’s going to happen. The forecasted hype has yet to materialize – whether for Obama’s scripted cast at the convention podium or, as Peoples Press Collective has shown, for the numbers of protestors in the street. Simply underwhelming.

At least Hillary’s speech got her off to a great start for 2012.

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