Who Would You Pick as John McCain’s VP Running Mate?

NewsMax is hosting a poll to help John McCain choose a Vice Presidential running mate. Fellow Colorado blogger Steven Nielson (welcome back!) will be disappointed to learn that there is no way to vote for Sarah Palin.

I went with South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, but thought about choosing Mitt Romney – who I supported for almost 3 weeks until he dropped out less than 2 days after so many Colorado Republicans cast a vote for him in the February 5 straw-poll. The two former rivals campaigned together today in Utah.

Warning about the NewsMax poll: Participation automatically puts you on their email list, and the only way to find out the poll results is by waiting to receive an email. Fifteen minutes after I cast my vote, I’ve yet to hear anything. Maybe I’m not on their mailing list, after all.


  1. says

    Hey Ben! Thanks for the link to the poll! Of the candidates posted I chose Condi Rice… Of course I doubt that Condi would be the best VP for electability reasons (too close to Bush to represent change)… but I liked Condi in 2004 when I was suggesting that Cheney step aside and Condi take the spot as VP. Would have been a bold move for Bush in 2004! Maybe her time has passed, though?!?


  2. hjnewman says

    Hillary would be a perfect running mate for McCain. That would out the two war candidates on one side and give us a choice.

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